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    Antonella Rana, a Verona-based pasta specialist and the daughter-in-law of famous pasta maker Giovanni Rana, has revealed that the formula for perfectly-cooked pasta is much simpler than you think. Firstly, she has revealed that opting for fresh rather than dry pasta is always better – and will get your meal ready pronto. “Fresh pasta is the quickest.

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    For many of us, pasta is a food staple. I myself have grown up with it being a fundamental part of my dietary life. Some of my earliest memories include sitting around my Nonna’s table in Italy while being messily spoon fed homemade pasta marinara, and sitting in front of the television watching the spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp.

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    It seems there’s a day for everything nowadays, but if you have to celebrate one, it’s happening right now in a kitchen near you. Yes - it’s World Pasta Day, which means only one thing - it’s an excuse to load up on the carbs, while looking at pictures of carbs, while planning your next carb-packed recipe. Here are some pictures of pasta cooked to perfection to gaze at until your spaghetti bolognese is ready. Drinking wine before bed could keep you slimmer This portable pizza carrier means you can always carry an extra slice with yo

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    There’s nothing that fat cartoon cat Garfield loves more than a plate of pasta - and most dieters shun the stuff altogether. In fact, pasta may actually help weight loss as part of a healthy Mediterranean diet - and isn’t as fattening as we’ve believed. Researchers from the Neuromed Institute used data from two large Italian studies where people were asked what they had eaten in the past 24 hours, and whether this was representative - and then measured.

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