• Freerunner Dominic Di Tommaso turns Belgian city into a parkour playground

    By Emerald Pellot, In The Know Those who live in dense urban cities often miss something happening right in front of them thanks to all of the chaos. At least that's freerunner Dominic Di Tommaso's theory. For his short film "What

  • Boy's 'parkour' front flip off a bench goes horribly wrong

    This is the hilarious moment a show-off teen tries to do a 'parkour' front flip off a bench - but ends up flat on his face as the bench collapses underneath him. Jordan Mackay, from High Wycombe, Bucks, who was just 15 when the video

  • The best parkour fail you'll ever see

    Watching parkour experts do their thing can be truly thrilling. Watching people who think they're parkour experts when they clearly are not can be hilarious. This guy wanted to see if he could free climb a wall and jump onto an adjacent

  • Daredevil parkour stuntman jumps over speeding motorbike 

    This is the amazing moment parkour daredevil Oleg Shestyarenko summersaults over a speeding motorbike. The thrilling stunt took place on a racetrack in Yekaterinburg, central Russia with the video showing several practice attempts for both the

  • How to get fit with Parkour

    Pic: AFP From astonishing YouTube videos to the Bourne Ultimatum and Casino Royale, people across the world have marvelled at the 'free sport' of Parkour. And while the daredevils leaping across rooftops and scaling walls are

  • Ex-Stig plays car paintball

    You've created one of the most powerful estate cars the world has ever seen, so what do you do to promote it? Big skids along a scenic mountain pass? Perhaps a drag race against its closest competitor? Not if you're Audi, who have