• Man catches driver in ‘dangerous’ act behind the wheel

    A TikTok user is going viral after claiming to catch a nearby driver in a "dangerous" multi-tasking situation. The user, Ryan Morris, shared a video of the incident on April 19. The clip, which has since been viewed more than 350,000

  • Scamwatch: Nintendo gamers targeted

    Stay one step ahead of the fraudsters with our series of articles giving you the lowdown on the scams they use to trick people out of their hard-earned cash - and how to avoid being taken in by them. This week, why security experts are warning

  • The moral panic over Pokémon Go heralds a breakthrough technology

    A somewhat histrionic column by Sam Leith in London's Evening Standard warned of a new plague sweeping the globe, threatening to pitch us into an "end of days" Orwellian nightmare of isolation and spiritual decay. What is this

  • Computer game on eBay for almost $100,000

    An incredibly rare computer game has been put up for sale on eBay. So far 80 bids have been placed, and the selling price has reached $99,600 - with three days left to go. It's hard to imagine how an old game could possibly be so valuable,

  • Mercedes injects some style into Mario Kart

    YouTube/NintendoWiiUUK For most gamers wanting to thrash their dream wheels on a virtual racetrack, there are a plethora of racing games and driving simulators on the market, each claiming to provide the most realistic

  • Nintendo shares crash on profits warning

    Falling Wii U sales is putting Nintendo under pressure. The boss of the games maker, Satoru Iwata, told investors last week that a Mario game will not make it to iOS or Android, despite demand. So more falls in Nintendo's share price this

  • Sales of new games console slow

    Games giant Nintendo has sold 160,000 of its new Wii U console in the last three months. The sales bring the total worldwide number of Wii U sales since it was launched last November to 3.61

  • Waitrose fish monger refuses to fillet trout

    Staff at a Waitrose fish counter refused to fillet a trout for a customer because it was "too slippery". In the example of bizarrely excessive red tape, the customer complained to the Health and Safety Executive and Waitrose has since

  • Christmas sales explode for Aldi

    You either stick to everyday rock-bottom value or go decisively upmarket. Those appear the two winning formulas for UK retailers as made plain by Aldi - which has seen sales soar more than 30% in the 12 weeks up to Christmas - and Waitrose. Indeed

  • Microsoft takes a shot at Apple and Nintendo

    Microsoft (NAS: MSFT) keeps thinking outside the box with its Xbox. At the annual E3 videogame conference in the City of Angels, the software giant took the wraps off of one of its new tricks, and it looks rather enticing. The new technology is

  • Video: Mario Kart 7 trailer makes us question our lunch

    A new Mario Kart rolls around fairly infrequently – so a new one is a big deal. To celebrate the launch of Mario Kart 7 Nintendo has already teamed up with West Coast Customs and made a pair of life-size karts, but the TV spot for the

  • LA Auto Show video: West Coast Customs make life size Mario Kart

    We reported last week that Nintendo had teamed up with Pimp My Ride's West Coast Customs to create a special vehicle for the LA Auto Show. It turns out that WCC don't only make one, but two life-size karts from the upcoming Mario Kart

  • Mario to gets his ride pimped at the LA Show

    The LA Motor Show is one of the biggest, most exciting, motor shows in the world. Cars are launched, deals are done and, in 2011, Nintendo is announcing its own car. It seems that the Japanese gaming giants are teaming up with Pimp My

  • Nintendo posts $925m first half loss

    Super Mario is being pushed down the pecking order by games such as Angry Birds. Competition from smartphone and tablet-based games has contributed to Japanese games giant Nintendo posting a huge 70bn Yen ($925m) loss for the six months to

  • Nintendo gamers out of pocket as 3DS side-effects prompt returns

    Gamers who were eager to grab the Nintendo 3DS when it came out are finding themselves not only feeling ill but out of pocket too. Top related searches: Nintendo 3DS Game consoles Online gaming Games stores online Nintendo 3DS games Cheap games

  • Mario Kart on the streets of Paris

    Rémi Gaillard enjoys getting up to mischief around Paris. He also enjoys a good game of Mario Kart. So, like any man with a boiler suit, a go kart and no 'previous' with the law he decided to use Paris as his own personal