• Watch as a bull is transported by car

    Plenty of animals have come to know the joys of a road trip, but the luxury of travelling by car is usually one exclusively experienced by creatures no bigger than a dog. However, no one seems to have told the people of O'Neill, Nebraska,

  • Woman Carves Tiny Mesmerising Sculptures From Pencils

    When Cindy Chinn swapped her fast-paced corporate career in sizzling Las Vegas for artistic freedom on the great planes of Nebraska she had little idea how extraordinarily far-reaching her work would become. Every Christmas we decorate the front of the school for the holidays and entertain the community and travellers from near and far, with a Light and Sound Show of Christmas Lights timed to music.

  • Man contracts Ebola cleaning infected car

    AFP/Getty Images A British-American man working on the front lines of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, is thought to have caught the deadly virus after spray-cleaning a vehicle in which a patient had

  • Amazing 'time capsule' of vintage Chevys discovered in Nebraska

    A treasure trove of vintage Chevy cars has been uncovered after a family-run car dealership, that has been closed since 1996, was put up for sale at auction. Lambrecht dealers in Pierce, Nebraska - which was owned and run by Ray and Mildred

  • Gorilla has jaw surgery in 'human hospital' after fight at zoo

    Stock photo: PA Imagine coming round from an anaesthetic to find a gorilla in the bed next door to you... OK, that didn't actually happen, but a gorilla from Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo was admitted to the Nebraska Medical Centre this