• 10 Totally Relaxing Nature Live Feeds To Take Your Mind Off Things

    When we're frazzled and stressed, there's nothing like watching nature to ground you.

  • We Need To Call Out Rural Racism. Nature Is For Everyone To Enjoy

    Let's build a future where, if nothing else is certain, green spaces are accessible to all.

  • Children will miss the outdoors when lockdown ends, research suggests

    Enjoying the great outdoors has been one of the highlights of lockdown for many families.

  • Britain's most dangerous plant, which can cause blindness, is thriving in lockdown

    If touched, the sap produced by giant hogweed can cause blindness.

  • What in the world is this?

    Have any idea what in the world this is? While it kind of looks like a blob of blueberry muffin batter that went wrong, it's actually a mushroom. Called the bleeding tooth fungus, the fascinating piece of nature is found in certain parts of

  • The incredible moment a jaguar and a caiman battle

    Incredible footage shows the moment a jaguar and a caiman - a species of alligator - fight to the death after the fearsome big cat jumps 10-feet from a tree onto the reptile's back. Wildlife photographer Kevin Dooley, 58, watched as the

  • Incredible pictures show two male hippos clashing in an epic riverside fight

    These incredible pictures show two male hippos clashing in an epic riverside fight - as they battle it out for a female mate. The images capture the fierce stand-off between a resident bull marking its territory and a new male interested in a

  • Birds can see another colour that humans can't

    Have you ever wondered what the world looks like to birds? It turns out that unlike the human eye, birds can detect a fourth primary colour. Humans are sensitive to red, blue and green frequencies in light, but birds can detect a fourth -

  • Tree cracks and collapses in Australia

    Well loved Moreton Bay fig tree suffered a spectacular collapse, losing the biggest limb in the process. It was planted 86 years ago after a gardener planted it on top of a cow carcass as rumour has it. The sound of the tree giving way and

  • Spectacular ways to see the Northern Lights this autumn

    With Arctic forests cloaked in jewel-like hues of orange and red, crisp days spent foraging and walking before the clear night sky hosts a magical Aurora Borealis display, autumn is a wonderful time for a Northern Lights holiday. SEE ALSO: Ten

  • The worst smells in nature revealed

    Dead sea turtle is one of the worst stenches in nature, biologists have revealed. A Twitter thread started by conservation biologist at the University of Auburn, David Steen, asked: "RT if you're a field biologist and you've ever

  • Six ways the forest can improve your mental health

    It's Mental Health Awareness Week and we're looking at one of the most positive ways to promote a healthy mind: by heading outdoors. With spring in full swing and the weather warming up, it's the perfect time to use our natural

  • Are bluebells at risk of dying out? 

    They're the picture-postcard image of UK springtime, but our beautiful bluebells may be wiped out by climate change, warn experts. A new study looking at hundreds of thousands of 'citizen science' records of the changing

  • Former lawyer lives as a 'Hobbit' in underground hut

    A former lawyer who gave it all up to live in an underground hut in a forest in Russia has become known as the 'Hobbit'. See also: Naked man lives on desert island for 20 years Related

  • Black bear opens car door, terrifies family inside

    Photo/Video credit: Liveleak An American black bear scared a family recently after it managed to open their car's door during a photo stop. Filmed in an undisclosed location, the footage shows the car pull to halt to allow the family inside

  • This artist uses actual nature as a stencil for her tattoos

    All images via Instagram/rit.kit Lots of tattoos are inspired by nature – but these ones by Kiev-based tattoo artist Rita “Rit Kit” Zolotukhina are literally made from it. ALSO SEE: Tattoo artist gives sick kids awesome airbrushed tattoos Instead of using a typical stencil to mark designs on the skin, Zolotukhina dips flowers, twigs, leaves and stems into ink and then presses them onto the skin, creating unique impressions that she then tattoos over. The result is a truly one-of-a-kind organic design that celebrates the beauty of nature.  Click through the gallery above and let us know what you think by tweeting to @YahooStyleCA.

  • Lorry is swallowed by sinkhole on Chinese road

    A lorry in China was recently swallowed up after a sinkhole appeared beneath it. The incident happened in Taizhou, Zhekiang Province, and saw the ground suddenly collapse underneath the lorry as it passed over

  • Costa Rica with the kids: The perfect family holiday

    If you have children who love nature, wildlife and adventure, Costa Rica provides childhood holiday memories like nowhere else. From watching sea turtles laying their eggs on the beach during nesting season, to zip lining through the legendary

  • World's best jungle retreats

    Need a proper escape? Head for the jungle to get back to nature and revel in serenity at its best. Nestled in rainforests with verdant gardens, lush views and the sounds of exotic birds, these jungle hotels provide an idyllic sanctuary for those