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  • Jamie Oliver transforms Land Rover Discovery into a mobile kitchen

    Traditionally, cooking on the road is a bit of a tricky operation – beans on toast tends to be about as elaborate as things get on a camping stove. However, that would never have been enough for celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, and so

  • Why has Jamie Oliver closed six of his restaurants?

    The Jamie Oliver money-making machine seems to be losing power, as his company has announced it will have to close six of his restaurants. Is this the beginning of the end for Jamie? See also: Indian restaurant offers all you can eat buffet

  • Why this picture of Jools Oliver holding her baby has sparked a parenting debate

    Barely a day goes by when a celebrity parent isn’t being bashed on social media for their parenting skills. The latest parents to find themselves on the receiving end of the shaming are Jamie and Jools Oliver. Uploading a sweet snap to Instagram of his wife with their fifth baby, River Rocket, the 41-year-old celebrity chef offered Jools some birthday love.

  • Father of 5 Jamie Oliver bans baby buggies from his restaurant

    Given that celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and his wife Juliette Norton just welcomed the newest addition to their family two weeks ago, you’d think he would be a bit more understanding. Parents were left stunned when Oliver’s Cornwall-based restaurant, Fifteen, announced that baby buggies were no longer welcome inside.

  • Freebie Friday: fancy a change? Don't want to spend money on it? You're in the right place

    Do you need to ring the changes? Does the cost of making those changes put you off, and leave you stuck in a rut? Well we may have the answer. Whether you fancy a night off from cooking, you need a new look, you're sick of your overcharging

  • Women Aren’t Happy That Jamie Oliver Is Telling Them Breast Is Best

    Jamie Oliver has responded to the backlash by clarifying his position on breastfeeding [Photo: Rex Features]

  • Now Jamie Oliver Wants To Promote Breastfeeding

    Fresh from his victory on the sugar tax at this week’s budget, Jamie Oliver has announced he is turning his attention to another family-friendly campaign – promoting breastfeeding. The news comes as it emerged that the TV chef and his wife Jools, 41 are adding to their brood and expecting their fifth baby in August. Speaking to LBC Radio, the soon to be father of five explained he believes women need to be encouraged to breastfeed in order to tackle issues like obesity.

  • A taste of luxury: Jamie Oliver puts home on the market

    Jamie Oliver has put his townhouse in Primrose Hill, north London on the market, as he prepares to move to nearby Hampstead. The charming terraced house, on the market for £11,950,000, was originally two neighbouring properties, bought for £7.5

  • Meet The ‘Dirty’ Chef: Model-Turned-Chef Is Causing A Stir On Instagram

    In fact there hasn’t been this much buzz about a chef since a ‘naked’ Jamie Oliver burst onto our screens way back when. Originally starting out as a cook alongside esteemed chef Angela Hartnett, the 29-year-old Londoner was forced to put his culinary training on hold when he was scouted as a model in his early 20s.

  • Jamie Oliver: I give my children 50p to spend on sweets

    Jamie Oliver has said he does not want to be a "Nazi" about sugar after admitting he buys his children a bag of sweets once a week. Oliver, whose latest campaign is calling for a tax on sugar products, urged David Cameron to be

  • Jamie Oliver's multi-million property splurge

    Jamie Oliver is said to be planning a £3 million revamp of his new home. The Highgate mansion has already set him back £8.7 million, and a new report claims this is just the start - the chef plans a complete overhaul. The property is already

  • Double-Barrelled First Names For Baby Girls Are All The Rage

    Forget Bugaboo pushchairs and Baby Dior bibs – the latest must-have baby accessory is a hyphen. The trend for giving baby girls two first names has dramatically surged in recent years, as parents follow in the steps of celebrities who’ve given their own little one a double-barrelled first name. Analysis by the Sunday Telegraph of the recent official baby name stats shows just how many newborns, particularly girls, are being given two Christian names.

  • Jamie Oliver Weighs In On Childhood Obesity Debate, Calls For 7p Tax On Fizzy Drinks

    Jamie Oliver wants more to be done regarding the UK’s childhood obesity problem. The child obesity issue has been ongoing for years, but many people probably don’t realise how bad it actually is. Shockingly, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recently revealed that 23 per cent of British kids are clinically obese or overweight by the age of three.

  • Jamie Oliver's naked chef era house for sale

    The house where Jamie Oliver lived and filmed the first two series of The Naked Chef is on the market. The three-bedroom Clerkenwell house is priced at £2,995,000, and for that you get your own slice of TV history - in a desirable part of

  • Money Gurus: How did Jamie and Jools Oliver make more than the Beckhams?

    The Sunday Times Rich List this year produced an interesting result when it came to British celebrity power couples: Jamie and Jools Oliver leapfrogged over David and Victoria Beckham, with assets of £240 million compared to the Beckhams'

  • More embarrassment for Jamie Oliver - made to pay £6,000

    Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant chain has agreed to pay £6,000 to an environmental charity, after it emerged that the chain had been breaking recycling regulations - and hadn't been recycling packaging properly for two years.

  • Hygiene closes Oliver butchery

    Jamie Oliver's exclusive butcher's shop temporarily closed after inspectors found serious hygiene problems including mouse droppings, mould on carcasses and out-of-date meat. Barbecoa Butchers, located near St Paul's Cathedral in

  • Chef Heston Blumenthal's profits more than double - where did it all go right?

    Heston Blumenthal's business accounts have revealed that the profits from his business ventures have more than doubled in one year - and turnover has shot up to almost £13 million. So where did it all go right for Heston, and how does his

  • Jamie Oliver shuts majority of Union Jack restaurants

    Television chef Jamie Oliver is closing three of his four Union Jacks restaurants. Twitter was used to break the news to diners that branches in Chiswick and Holborn, in London, plus another in Winchester, Hampshire, are closing. The Covent

  • Nigella tweets fry-up she had at Jamie's Gatwick restaurant before flying to Spain

    We're used to Nigella tweeting pictures of all the delicious food she cooks, but earlier this week she decide to share a snap of the enormous fried breakfast she enjoyed at Jamie Oliver's Gatwick Airport restaurant, before flying off