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  • Iskra Lawrence corrects headline calling her plus size

    Iskra Lawrence is not one for typos, especially when they’re in reference to her. The model has been living the life hopping from beach to beach from Mexico to Miami and upping her swimsuit game as she goes. The Independent published an article including photos from her vacation with the headline, “Plus-size model Iskra Lawrence is the picture of body confidence as she hits the beach in Miami.” In the article, she is referred to as a “plus size model” who is “becoming a bastion of body confidence.” While the second half of that sentence is definitely true, Lawrence doesn’t approve of the first half.

  • Iskra Lawrence’s Body Used and Retouched for Bra Brand Without Her Permission

    Iskra Lawrence isn't happy about what a bra company and others have done to her images.

  • Iskra Lawrence Posts Racy Image and Thanks Photographer for Never Retouching Her

    Iskra Lawrence is one of the most recognizable faces in the plus-size modeling industry, having worked extensively with retailer Aerie and landed a number of other high-profile campaigns. As a celebrity, she uses her fame to act as a champion for body positivity by advocating for individualism worldwide. The 26-year-old recently posted scantily clad, unretouched images from a photo shoot with Brooklyn-based photographer Ashley Wilson.

  • Iskra Lawrence on Her NYFW Debut: 'I Didn’t Want My First Runway to Be a Plus-Sized Show'

    “I didn’t want my first runway to be a plus-sized show,” Iskra Lawrence, on walking for Chromat at New York Fashion Week.

  • Model Launches Defiant Campaign To Share The Body Love

    Model Iskra Lawrence has launched a body positive campaign on social media [Photo: Instagram/iamiskra] Iskra Lawrence is gunning for the body shamers. Known for her body positive attitude and plucky responses to haters, the 25-year-old model from Worcestershire, has been busy breaking down beauty boundaries one Instagram at a time. Just last week she shared a side-by-side photo of herself to demonstrate how easy it is to fake a thigh gap on social media and how utterly ridiculous it is to worry about things like that.