• Too good to be true? A scam or an exception to the rule?

    We've all been tempted by an offer that's too good to be true. There's the website you've never seen before that has the must-have toy that everyone else has run out of, or the email we get telling us we won a lottery that we

  • Have you lost a pension? One in five have

    One in five people with more than one pension have lost track of their savings completely, and two in five have no idea how much they have put away for the future. Pension trends mean that these figures are going to soar over the coming years. So

  • You'd need A Level maths to understand your finances

    Maths PhD Christian Yates, from the University of Bath, examined the level of mathematical ability people need in order to do very basic banking, and concluded that it was roughly the equivalent of A Level maths. It's hardly surprising,

  • A Chanel Bag is Officially the Best Investment You Can Make

    A timeless Chanel bag is most certainly a fashion investment, and according to a new study, a viable financial investment too. The research, conducted by experts at vintage handbag authority Baghunter, found that in the last six years the value of Chanel bags has gone up by 70%. Evelyn Fox, CEO of Baghunter, told Marie Claire: “We decided to conduct a study into Chanel handbags as we wanted to see if we could gain an insight into how Chanel implements their pricing tactics.

  • An easy and cheap way to invest in the stock market

    More and more investors are ditching actively-managed funds in favour of low-cost index trackers. As the name implies, an index tracker fund replicates the performance of an index, such as the FTSE 100. As it doesn't require anyone to

  • What's the best way to generate income in retirement?

    Pension freedoms mean you can now pick your own method for generating retirement income. You're free to buy an annuity, or to avoid them. You can keep your cash in your pension, or withdraw it and pick something else to invest in. Or you can

  • How your retirement income is being killed by other people's pensions

    Are you relying on an income-producing investment for your retirement? How about an annuity? Then there's bad news ahead, because both are under threat. What's going on? Let's start with those income-producing investments. Ever

  • Are you one of those most at risk from new pension rules?

    If you're in the last few years before retirement, then you face new and alarming risks. There are pension scammers lying in wait, the risk you'll end up losing benefits and paying more tax, and even the risk you'll overspend and

  • 12 classic cars with biggest rise in value over the last year

    The Fiat Dino, a small sports car produced between 1966 and 1973, has been named as the car that has risen the most in value over the last year. It has more than doubled in price, according to new research. Classic car insurer Footman James

  • Classic cars prove a much better investment than hedge funds

    Figures released by an investment firm show that over the past 10 years, classic car values have soared by 467 per cent, compared with just 7.83 per cent for hedge funds over the same period. The Frank Knight Luxury Investment Index found the

  • Avoid the ten pitfalls of buy-to-let

    George Osborne's tax tweaks may have made life more difficult for buy-to-let investors in recent months, but the figures show he has done little to dent the British love affair with all things property. Figures from Fidelity have revealed

  • How much do you need in your pension pot?

    The average 35 year old has managed to set aside £14,000 for their retirement. It sounds like a reasonable chunk of cash, but anyone in this position who has had a pension statement in the post lately will know that this is a disaster. The

  • How do you choose a fund to invest in?

    Knowing you want to invest in a fund is a brilliant first step. They can be exceptionally good ways to invest in stocks and shares, bonds, commercial property, or a huge mix of assets. They spread your risk, they do the hard work, and they make

  • 10 steps to starting an investment plan

    Exploring investment can feel like a strange and unfamiliar land - that you're not sure you have the skills or appetite to conquer. Fortunately, in order to conquer the world of investment, you don't have to make any enormous and

  • How to pick a savings account

    With all the complicated savings products on the market, it's easy to hanker after the days when saving simply meant slipping money under the mattress. But with interest rates so low, it's more important than ever to make sure

  • Five steps to take right now - before it's too late for this tax year

    It's the last day of the tax year. And while we've all been warned not to leave things until the last minute for years, there's every chance that we've let everything from ISAs to pensions slide again this tax year. The good

  • Budget 2016 Live: The major announcements as they happen

    As George Osborne makes his Budget 2016 speech, we bring you the headlines as they happen. 1.35 To help people invest and save, he mentioned the Help to Save plan announced by David Cameron this week. There will be a new ISA limit of £20,000 a

  • McLaren announce £1 billion investment plan

    Photo credit: McLaren McLaren Automotive has launched a six-year investment programme, which will see £1 billion put into Research and Development. As part of the plan, 15 all-new cars or derivatives are currently under development, with McLaren

  • What would Brexit mean for your pension?

    As David Cameron very publicly negotiates with Europe, commentators are keen to claim that Brexit is either the best possible move for the country - or the end of the world as we know it. But while we endure endless political debates, there are

  • 22 Essentials Every 30 Something Should Have In Their Home

    <p>Some fun and practical bits and pieces every self-respecting 30 something ought to have in their home.</p>

  • Stock market falls could spell disaster for those who used pension freedoms

    Pension freedoms always came with risk: there was always the chance that people could take the money and blow the lot, get ripped off by scammers, or invest it in something wholly unsuitable. Now the experts are warning that even those who

  • What will happen to stock markets in 2016?

    A survey of fund managers by the Association of Investment Companies found that 60% of them expect equity markets to rise in 2016. This isn't exactly evidence of overwhelming confidence - especially given that in the same survey a year

  • Beware bogus ISAs and bonds pushed by fraudsters

    Fraudsters are conning investors out of their savings, by posing as IFAs offering sensible advice. The warning has come from financial advisers at deVere, who say a number of clients have been approached by cold-calling fraudsters, who are trying

  • How landlords can pay less tax

    It has been widely reported that buy-to-let landlords are already selling their properties, fearful of the cut in tax breaks. Since the chancellor announced a cut in the amount of mortgage interest relief a landlord can claim, restricting it to

  • Report finds savers cashing in pensions to buy luxury cars

    Lamborghini Reports have found that more and more savers are cashing in their pensions to buy luxury cars. Magnitude Finance, which specialises in the finance of cars priced over £25,000, has seen an increase in the amount of customers using

  • Babyboomers are redefining pension investment

    Investing for retirement used to be able putting your money away in sensible investments that would produce a regular income and keep you ticking over. But as life expectancy increases, the need for growth is starting to dominate retirees'