• Truck loses control and rams into multiple vehicles at toll booth in southern India

    At least three people were injured when a truck driver in Telangana, southern India lost control of the vehicle and rammed into multiple cars waiting at a toll booth. The clip, filmed on September 13, shows the driver failing to stop and

  • Woman kidnapped 'for snubbing marriage proposal'

    CCTV footage shows the moment a woman was forced into a car in a terrifying drive-by kidnapping in India. The two sisters were walking down a road in Kolar, Karnataka, when a vehicle pulled up beside them and a man pulled one of the women into

  • Bull chases truck carrying cow mate, and both reunite in heartwarming moment in India

    The heartwarming moment a bull ran after a truck carrying its friend has been captured in India. The scene took place in the Palamedu area of ​​Madurai, where the bull ran after the cow, which had just been sold, for nearly a kilometre. After

  • Huge 50,000-year-old crater lake in India mysteriously changes colour to pink

    Story and video from Newsflare A 50,000-year-old crater lake in western India has left scientists baffled after it mysteriously changed colour to pink. Lonar Lake's colour shift occurred over the span of a few days and became reddish-pink on

  • Five-million-year-old elephant fossil discovered in north India

    An ancient elephant fossil found in India is believed to be at least five million-years-old. The fossil was discovered in the Shivalik forest of the Badshahi Bagh area in Uttar Pradesh. Forestry expert VK Jain said: "We found the fossil a

  • Cobra spits up five eggs after getting caught in chicken coop in India

    A villager in India who heard his hens clucking loudly in alarm discovered a live cobra stealing their eggs. When Nabaghana Behera, a resident of Pipili area in the outskirts of Bhubaneswar, Odisha, went to check his poultry, he saw the cobra

  • Earth rumbles mysteriously for one hour in ‘haunted’ Indian village

    Story and video from Newsflare Residents of a village in eastern India are living in fear after the earth rumbled violently, throwing up mud and boiling water for an hour. The mysterious phenomenon occurred at Mahakalapda village in Kendrapara

  • Road collapses in front of Indian villagers

    This was the moment a road collapsed into a flooded river just as a group of Indian villagers was about to cross it. The residents of a village in Kamprup district, in northeastern India, were on their way to see the flooded Singra river when

  • Sleeping man's close encounter with leopard

    This is the moment a sleeping man cheats death when a wild leopard checks him out before walking away after straying into a petrol station in India. In CCTV footage, the man is seen sleeping on a chair beside the pumps as the big cat strolls

  • Man eats flaming paan from street vendor in one go

    A man in India has been filmed taking on a fiery challenge. The footage shows the customer at a street food stall partaking of a paan, a popular Indian mouth freshener and stimulant made from betel leaves and areca nuts with fillings of candied

  • India’s prime minister orders 21-day lockdown to curb coronavirus

    India will begin the world's largest lockdown on Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced in a TV address, warning citizens to stay inside or risk inviting the pandemic into their homes. He pledged £1.7 billion to bolster the

  • Airline apologises over ‘absolutely crazy’ cause behind flight delay

    An India-based airline is apologising to passengers after a pair of pigeons managed to board one of its flights. The incident, which occurred as a GoAir flight was preparing to leave from the Indian city of Ahmedabad, lasted about 30 minutes,

  • Aspiring scientist invents 'gun' earring for women's safety in northern India

    An inventor from northern India has developed a new personal security gadget for women. Shyam Chaurasia, 29, an aspiring scientist, hails from Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. He has developed a non-lethal 'earring gun' that can set off an

  • Snake spits up live toad after biting off more than it could chew in southern India

    Locals in a village in southern India captured a remarkable sight on film. After finding a snake trapped under some large bricks, a snake charmer was called in to rescue the reptile. But after a series of prods with a large stick, the reason the

  • Elephant rescued after falling down well

    A lost elephant was recovered from a 25ft-deep well in northeast India after being floated out when rescue workers filled the well with water. The elephant, believed to be aged around 30, was found by villagers in Amliya toli village, Jharkhand.

  • Hindu priest sticks head into fire pit for religious festival in India

    Hindu priests celebrating a major festival in India performed a strange ritual of allowing their heads to touch an open fire to be 'purified'. The 'Agni Pariksha' is a ritual performed using fire by the priests celebrating

  • Thief snatches bag from woman on moving train

    This was the heart-stopping moment a thief got into a slow-moving train, snatched the bag of an elderly woman standing it the doorway and leapt back into the darkness outside. The thief almost dragged the victim outside the train as she tried to

  • Luxury apartments demolished in southern India for violating regulations

    Two luxury apartment complexes in southern India have been demolished by controlled explosion for violating planning regulations. In total, more than 350 flats - which housed around 240 families - in the coastal city of Kochi will be brought

  • Bull turns on rescuer after falling into a well

    Two bulls fighting in central India fell down a well and were trapped for more than 16 hours. But when rescuers in Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, tried to recover the animals, one of the bulls became aggressive and lashed out. A digger pulled the

  • 10 of the most stunning red carpet appearances of 2019

    B’town royalties marked their attendances at some of the most prestigious events this year and left us impressed with the fashion choices they made while treading the carpet rolled out in their honor. Traditional separates, haute couture, kaftans, and ensembles unique in conception - all made a striking appearances in front of the shutterbugs. Having witnessed an array of stars putting their stylish feet forward through the year, we pick 10 ensembles that made a statement and carried in them, a distinctive fashion flavor.