• Dog reunited with family 13 years after going missing

    A dog has been reunited with his owners - 13 years after it went missing. Remi the Yorkshire Terrier cross disappeared when it was a puppy and the owners thought it had gone forever. However, after Remi was picked up by Fort Worth Animal Control

  • Cargo plane crashes outside Houston leaving 'total devastation'

    A Boeing 767 cargo plane crashed on Saturday outside Houston just minutes before its scheduled arrival, killing all three people on board. The plane was travelling from Miami to Houston. According to a Texas sheriff, witnesses described how the

  • Mother accused of decapitating five-year-old, leaving body in bin

    A mother in Houston, Texas stands accused of killing her five-year-old son after she allegedly drowned and decapitated the boy before leaving his body in a bin in the garage, according to prosecutors. Lihui Liu has been charged with capital

  • Man and woman caught on camera shooting from car window

    This is the shocking moment a couple filmed themselves shooting out of a moving car window towards people's homes. The incident happened in Houston Texas and was captured on a mobile phone by the male occupant of the vehicle, which was

  • Woman poses for photo shoot in flood-damaged wedding gown after Harvey

    When Kristy Mathoslah found the dress in her flooded house, she was ready to throw it out. But someone else suggested that she try it on one last time. The resulting photos are beautiful and heartwarming (though the dress was damp and smelly). A local dry cleaner has offered to try to salvage and restore the dress

  • Shocking moment tipper lorry destroys highway gantry

    A motorist has captured the moment a tipper lorry smashed into a highway gantry in Houston, Texas. Two men in a pickup truck were traveling behind the lorry when it struck the overhead signage causing a major

  • Shocking moment woman rides her own car bonnet down freeway

    This is the moment a woman ended up on the bonnet of her own car as it was stolen. Chantel Thompson had a fiery argument with her ex-boyfriend who then proceeded to steal her Chevy

  • Kind-hearted motorist helps a dozen ducks to safety

    Why did the duck cross the road? No, this isn't the lead-up to some awful cracker joke punch line but a genuine question posed by drivers in Houston when a brace of ducks decided to hold up traffic. This incident occurred earlier this week

  • Footage shows selfless bystanders pulling man from burning car wreck

    Dramatic footage has emerged showing the moment a crowd of selfless bystanders leapt to the aid of a man trapped in a burning car. The man's vehicle had reportedly careered off the road in Texas on Sunday, landing in a ditch where it

  • Porsche Panamera stolen after hotel valet gives keys to wrong person

    A hotel valet landed his company in hot water after returning the keys of an expensive Porsche to the wrong person. Following the incident, which occurred last year, the 2014 Panamera was never seen again and its owner is still yet to receive

  • Drag racer explodes during high-speed race in Houston

    Photo credit: NHRA A drag racer had a close escape after his dragster exploded into flames and crashed at high speed during an event in Houston. Terry McMillen, who was behind the wheel of 'Xtermigator' walked away from the incident

  • Dario Franchitti crash caught on cameraphone

    The moment Dario Franchitti lost control of his race car and slammed into the fence at yesterday's IndyCar race in Houston has been captured from a shocking first-person perspective on a spectator's

  • Crashed Enzo lives!

    Given the relative scarcity of cars like the Ferrari Enzo (349 production units built, an indeterminate number destroyed), you're unlikely to encounter one. On those rare occasions when such a thing does happen it seems even less likely that