hot air balloon

  • Terror in the air: Hot air balloon goes wild in Berlin

    These hot air balloon riders in Berlin got more than they bargained for when they took to the skies. What was supposed to be a pleasurable trip turned into a nightmare as the balloon was battered by strong winds, tossing the petrified tourists

  • Man arrested for flight in chair attached to balloons (video)

    A man has been arrested after taking flight over Calgary, Canada, in a lawn chair attached to 150 helium balloons. According to, Daniel Boria, 26, performed the stunt to promote a cleaning company. The Calgary Herald reports that

  • Tourist killed in hot air balloon crash in Turkey

    A tourist has been killed and nine others injured in a hot air balloon crash in Turkey. The balloon was carrying Malaysian and Chinese tourists over the Guvercinlik Valley in Cappadocia when it came down on Wednesday morning. According to the

  • World's first underground hot air balloon flight takes place in Croatia

    An Austrian pilot has set a new world record after flying a hot air balloon 206 metres underground in Croatia. Ivan Trifonov successfully landed a balloon at the bottoms of the Mamet Cave in Obrovac in the Velebit nature park. The flight took

  • Wonderbra hot air balloon crash-lands in residential street in Surrey

    A hot air balloon advertising Wonderbra has hit a house and crash-landed in a street in Guildford, Surrey. The balloon had reportedly been struggling to stay airborne and had come down in Elder Close in Guildford a around 6.30pm on Tuesday.

  • Three tourists die and 22 injured after hot air balloon crash in Turkey

    Three Brazilian tourists have been killed after two hot air balloons collided mid-air in Turkey, also injuring 22 people. The accident occurred in the popular tourist destination of Cappadocia at 6am Turkish local time on Monday morning.

  • Hot air balloon crash-lands on Bath city centre road

    SWNS A hot air balloon was forced to crash land on a Bath city centre road after there wasn't enough wind for it to gain altitude. The Bath Building Society balloon carried 16 people in a trip over the city for two and a half hours, but