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  • NewsYahoo Life UK

    Duchess of Cambridge brings back 90s hair trend during first work outing of 2017

    Today, the Duchess of Cambridge resumed her royal duties for 2017 with a visit to the Anna Freud Centre in London, which she’s worked with on numerous occasions to raise awareness of mental health issues. Wearing a £1,650 belted blue coat by Eponine, paired with teamed with her go-to navy pumps by Rupert Sanderson, Kate looked as elegant as ever for the trip to the children’s centre. Back in the day, everyone from Sarah Michelle Gellar to Britney Spears used the iconic clips to twist their hai

  • NewsMarie-Claire Dorking

    Are You Brave Enough To Try This Beauty Blogger’s Hack To Cut Your Own Fringe?

    Well step forward make-up artist and beauty blogger, Camila Bravo, who’s revealed a very simple hack to help you cut your own side fringe perfectly every time. In an Instagram clip that has now had more than 18,000 likes, Philadelphia-based YouTuber, Camila, posted a demonstration of how she’s been cutting her own fringe for years. Once damp, she twists the fringe and holds it in place in front of her face before cutting off the hair just below her lip line.

  • NewsMarie-Claire Dorking

    Instagram Is Going Crazy For Hidden Hair Tattoos

    Hidden rebellion. #hiddenhairtattoos is taking Instagram by storm [Photo: Instagram/hair_by_tarasmith]

  • NewsAlison Coldridge

    New Hair Obsession Alert: Glitter-Splashed Roots

    Saves touching up your roots if nothing else. [Photo: Instagram/The Fox & The Hair] Of all the hair trends to take over Instagram this year, the glitter roots one is by far the craftiest – and messiest. The sparkly hairdo, which sees women painting their roots with glitter, is very thrifty (think of the money being saved on highlights and hairdye) and oh-so 90s. Remember glittery hair mascara?

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