gender pay gap

  • The companies with the biggest gender pay gap

    All medium to large companies in the UK should now have published the differences in what they pay men and women.

  • Women are putting on their #OutOfOffice to protest against the gender pay gap

    Women are effectively working for free from now until 2018.

  • This is the best place to live in the UK if you're a woman

    Woman's Hour has revealed the best and worst places for women to live in the UK.

  • This Australian cafe has a gender tax for men

    This cafe in Australia is charging men a 18% gender tax in the hopes of raising awareness of gender inequality. Women in Australia are currently paid 17.7% less than men. See also: Is the gender pay gap closing for millenials? See also:

  • The shocking celebrity sports gender pay gap

    Sporting celebrities may seem to have it all, but if they're a woman, then there's one thing they definitely don't have - equality of earnings. That's not to say that famous sporting women are all struggling to get by on a

  • Audi's new advert challenging the gender pay gap is really dividing the Internet

    This year while Audi used the break in proceedings to promote their new S5 Sportback, the company also used the platform to make an important statement about gender pay equality. In the short film, titled Daughter, the German car manufacturer depicts a girl racing against boys in a go-kart competition while her father asks how he should explain the fact that women continue to get paid less than men.

  • Oscar nominations are out: what's an Oscar worth?

    The Oscar nominations have been announced; revealing the stars and film-makers at the peak of their career. Of course, Oscars are nice to get - who doesn't want a statue dedicated to their own genius? But it's not just about the

  • Is the gender pay gap closing for millenials?

    The gender pay gap for people in their 20's has halved in a generation. But according to a report by the Resolution Foundation it widens as women enter their 30's and 40's. See also: Closing economic gender gap could take 170

  • Closing economic gender gap could take 170 years

    The global economic gender gap has widened again, and it could take decades to close. A new report from the World Economic Forum predicts it will take 170 years to eliminate the divide in pay and employment opportunities between men and

  • Women shouldn't take maternity leave: it destroys their career

    Lady Barbara Judge, the first female chair of the Institute of Directors, has said that after having a baby, women should get themselves a nanny, and get back into the workplace immediately. If they take the year of maternity leave they are

  • Want to end the gender pay gap? Stop women having babies

    Every time someone asks me how the gender pay gap can be closed I give them the same answer. Rearrange life so that women no longer give birth. That should do it. They laugh. But I am completely serious. There has long been evidence to show that

  • Mothers face wider gender wage gap

    While there is an existing knowledge of the gender pay gap between men and women, the IFS has released new research which claims women with children face an even wider gap. Robert Joyce, Associate Director at the IFS, said: "There is

  • Shocking Figures Show How Little We’ve Advanced When It Comes To The Gender Pay Gap

    According to a study by the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS), despite dropping from 28% in 1993 and 23% in 2003, the difference between the earnings of men and women remains the same as it was twenty years ago. The study highlights that the wage gap between men and women becomes steadily wider in the years after women have children, to the point where they are earning a whopping 33% less than men an hour. “The gap between the hourly pay of higher-educated men and women has not closed at all in the last 20 years,” he said.

  • L’Oreal, Amazon And Stella McCartney Among Brands Pledging To Reduce Gender Pay Gap

    In today’s really rather excellent news of the day, 28 International brands have pledged their commitment to addressing gender inequality in the workplace. GAP, Stella McCartney, L'Oréal and Amazon are among the businesses vowing to redress the gender imbalance within their workforces.

  • Kristen Stewart’s Take On Gender Equality Issue: Less Chat, More Action

    Kristen Stewart has joined the gender equality debate – and been rather cut throat about it. The “Twilight” actress has joined the likes of Emma Watson, Patricia Arquette and Jennifer Lawrence in giving her two cents on the issue, but wants more to be done. “Instead of sitting around and complaining about that, do something,” the actress said at Sundance Film Festival.

  • Proof That It’s More Expensive To Be A Woman (And That We Should All Buy Men’s Products)

    A landmark study has found that the majority of women’s products cost more than the male equivalents. A type of gender discrimination that you probably didn’t know existed. When asked, Target claimed the pricing was a “mistake” - slightly convenient, eh?

  • There’s A Women’s Discount Card To Balance Out The Gender Pay Gap

    Following the recent news that women are effectively working for free until the end of the year, advertising execs Sali Horsey and Zoe Nash have devised a Women’s Discount Card to make up for all of the money ladies are missing out on – despite working just as hard as men. It’s similar to a student’s NUS card and offers reductions on food, shopping, entertainment and public transport to balance out all that extra cash men are getting. The gender pay gap stats, released by The Fawcett Society this week, prove that women are earning 14.2 per cent less than men, which adds up to 52 working days. “We wanted to highlight how ridiculous the gender pay gap is and to draw attention to the issue in a fun way, so we decided to create a women’s discount card,” Nash told Mashable.

  • Why the government's attempts to close gender pay gap won't work

    The government has had it with the gender pay gap. It isn't disappearing in the way they instructed it to do. So, our MPs are busying themselves coming up with more and more nutty ways to force it to do so. The latest is to insist that firms

  • Women get bigger wage boost from university than men

    Women who go to university typically earn around three times as much as those who did not gain a degree, according to new research. It suggests that there is a more significant earnings premium for university-educated women than for men. The