• It’s time to save the Great British front garden or risk losing it forever

    We Brits have long been the most obsessive gardeners in the world – but for how much longer? A new study has revealed that applications for dropped kerbs have soared in recent years as homeowners convert their front gardens into drives instead. Of those surveyed, 12 per cent had converted some or all of their front garden into a driveway, with conversions being particularly popular in the capital where 18 per cent had gone for slabs over shrubs.

  • Chelsea Flower Show 2021: dates, tickets, transport advice and Covid safety measures

    Read on for our at-a-glance guide to this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, including how to get tickets, where to dine and what to expect...

  • Time-saving tips to keep your garden going now that you’re back at work

    It was nice (well, sometimes) while it lasted, but that’s your lot: the nation’s unscheduled spell on gardening leave is coming to an end, and with a last, wistful look over the garden gate, we must head back to work, the school run, university and the rest. But what of our gardens? They’ve never looked better.

  • From oats to quinoa, the 10 healthiest grains to grow at home – and how to use them

    Over the past couple of years I have started to eat more grains – buck-wheat, quinoa and spelt being among my favourites. Widely available, these days you are just as likely to find them on a menu or supermarket shelf as in a specialist health food shop

  • How to save seeds to sow and grow next year

    Despite there being a flight of stairs between them, all manner of things from the garden end up in the kitchen. Secateurs, Tupperware full of food scraps, twine (always twine). Of late, though, it has been a handful of slowly withering stems of calendula that have gone to seed. There they will sit for several weeks until I’ve collected enough.

  • Why embracing shade is the secret to a thriving garden

    Everyone, it seems, loves a garden warmed and gilded by year-round all-day sunshine, but most of us have to settle for rather less than that, and too often planting for shade is seen as a gardening “problem”.

  • William Morris' famous garden has been re-imagined by The National Trust – and now you can visit

    The men and women talked of being embowered in a medieval vision of orchards and blossom, languidly plucking apples through the windows as they sat on oak settles inside the house, discoursing on poetry, art and the chivalric code of Malory’s King Arthur.

  • The jobs to do now for a thriving garden this autumn

    Tom explains how to prepare amaryllis in pots for autumn and get creative with veg and herb gluts

  • The best gardening tools for beginners, chosen by experts

    Looking to invest in some basic gardening kit for yourself or a green-fingered friend? Whether you're a small space gardener, a dedicated veg grower or fanatical about your borders, you'll find a tool among these recommendations that will serve you for years. In fact, you'll wonder how you ever managed without them.

  • What to plant now for late summer colour

    When it was announced that the RHS Chelsea Flower Show would be moving to September, some of us were secretly thrilled. May might be the month of lupins, peonies, alliums and abundance, but late-summer enthusiasts knew what was in store: jewel tones, spires and substance swapped in for the usual springtime froth. This year, Chelsea kicks off with the autumn equinox – and just as with fashion week, there’s a whiff of excitement in that newly chilled air.

  • Move over Poldark – the ancient scythe is the eco-friendly gardening tool to buy now

    When you are on a mission to convince gardeners that the scythe is a safe, eco-friendly tool, it does not help that the Grim Reaper traditionally uses one to dispatch us to the next world.

  • Six quick and easy gardening jobs for late summer

    This week Tom explains how to grow aubergines, take penstemon cuttings – and keep pests at bay

  • Five of the best biennials to grow from seed

    The lone hollyhock in my garden started to bloom last week. It has been quite a long wait, which began more than five years ago. While I was still gardening on my first balcony, a family friend gave me a hollyhock seedling, grown from seeds taken from a friend’s garden in Provence.

  • 11 of the most luxurious garden accessories to buy right now

    Hanging egg chairs, hot tubs, floating teepee beds, parasols and fire pits… whether you prefer a modern look or a bohemian vibe, this year’s “outdoor lounge” trend peaks in August – our traditional holiday month.

  • How to plant roses this season and what to do about rose rust, by gardening expert Helen Yemm

    Every week, Telegraph gardening expert Helen Yemm gives tips and advice on all your gardening problems whether at home or on the allotment. If you have a question, see below for how to contact her. Friends of mine, like many, used our time in lockdown to fall in love with their beautiful garden again. But how to manage the upkeep as the world returns to normality? She has ambitions to plant a rose-cutting garden. He is put off immediate action by the amount of arduous turf-removal/soil involved.

  • The one habit to try for a more ethical garden

    We’re increasingly aware of easy sustainable decisions to make around the home: recycling, bamboo loo roll, that enormous pile of tote bags. In the garden, though, things are a little less obvious. It seems difficult to believe that tending to flowers and making the world a little more beautiful should have a carbon footprint, and yet it does – and worse, it’s often more difficult to work out just what damage we might be doing. I’ve been gardening organically ever since my first year on the balc

  • Six easy gardening jobs to do this weekend in time for autumn

    Summer storms can bring flashes of torrential rain – in extreme contrast to the recent mini heatwave. Periods of hot, settled, dry weather demand extra care for our greenhouses, pots and ponds – so continue to be water wise and keep plants and wildlife flourishing.

  • Six easy gardening jobs you can do this weekend to prepare for autumn

    Summer storms can bring flashes of torrential rain – in extreme contrast to the recent mini heatwave. Periods of hot, settled, dry weather demand extra care for our greenhouses, pots and ponds – so continue to be water wise and keep plants and wildlife flourishing. Summer is a time of plenty, but don’t forget to spend some time preparing and storing for the months to come, too. How to prepare your garden for autmn De-leafing Like many prolifically fruiting plants, tomatoes need to be continuousl

  • How to plant, grow and care for blackcurrants and redcurrants

    The racket and clatter as I rootle around at the back of the cupboard for the pudding bowl can mean only one thing. No, not my attempt at a jazz percussion solo, but… drum roll, please… this summer’s crop of currants is ready!

  • Give weeds a chance - how ragwort and other garden misfits could transform your flower beds

    It's not only the fashion and beauty industries trying to change the narrative in regards to how we see beauty. Why do weeds have such a generalised bad reputation - when not all of them are to blame?