• Why everyone needs a toilet light: “one of the best little gadgets I have ever purchased”

    Say goodbye to bumping into the basin or blinding yourself with the light.

  • Company creates gizmo that allows drivers to display emojis

    In today's bustling world of smartphones, GIFs and social media, the tried-and-tested raised hand or thumbs-up to a friendly fellow motorist is no longer good enough. No, in today's world we must all stick a special gizmo in the back of

  • Things the iPhone helped destroy

    Since it was introduced 10 years ago, the iPhone has been a great disruptor, heralding an end to everything from paper maps to small talk. Here's a (slightly) tongue-in-cheek look from the New York Times at all the things this ubiquitous

  • Father's Day 2017: The ultimate gift guide

    Gadgets, grooming essentials and more.

  • Is this the future of parking? Introducing Stan the robotic parking valet

    This is Stan - a parking robot from French start up company Stanley Robotics. He is a robot valet service that is designed to park your car for you - handy in tight multi-storeys or

  • Diamond-studded wristband can unlock your Ferrari

    If you've already bought your super car, and are wondering what to do with the other billions burning a hole in your pocket, then how about a $116,000 diamond-encrusted wristband that can be used to unlock your Ferrari? See also: A quick

  • Mum bans son's iPhone and sees his behaviour transformed. Should other parents be doing the same?

    The fact is children and technology are a match made in heaven, or hell, depending on which screen-time camp you fall into. One mum who definitely knows where she stands on the whole to ban or not to ban discussion is Karly Tophill.

  • Black Friday: best deals on gadgets

    Gadgets are always a winner at Christmas, so Black Friday offers a brilliant opportunity to pick up cut price technology to suit every member of the family. From cameras to kitchen gadgets, and even drones, here's our pick of some of the

  • Wine condoms now exist - but there's more to them than the obvious

    Yes, ‘wine condoms’ now exist - but not so that your partner will taste like your favourite Pinot Grigiot.

  • 13 insanely cool gadgets every big kid needs

    It’s easy to feel jealous of kids during Christmas and birthdays, because the toys and gadgets they receive are just so much cooler than what we get as adults. But luckily for us, there’s a world of awesome stuff out there for adults, too. From brilliant kitchenware to clever bits of tech, we’ve got you covered - because being a fully-grown adult means we can buy what we damn well please. 10 buys that help support Breast Cancer Awareness Month Women are buying more trainers than heels for the first time ever

  • Old phone or iPad? How you can revive them

    Many of us have a box at home filled with old gadgets and bits of technology that don't necessarily even work anymore. But there's no need to leave them languishing, because some of these bits and pieces can be revived. Take the old

  • Parents forced to pay twice for kids gadgets

    Choosing what toys to buy for your children can be difficult. It's likely they will want exactly what their friends have, but sometimes this can end up being unaffordable. But what about the toys and gadgets you do choose to give them? What

  • How much could you save by changing the way you charge your phone?

    What would happen if your phone or tablet ran out of charge? For most people, it doesn't bear thinking about, so we've developed what we think of as sensible habits to make sure it never happens. We might plug the phone in as soon as we

  • How to sell stuff and turn your trash into cash

    Could you do with some extra money this month? Well there could be some quick cash waiting for you at home without you realising. From unworn clothes and unwanted gifts to old CDs and broken gadgets, your home is probably full of items sitting

  • Black Friday 2015 Gadget Deals: the best discounts and bargains

    Black Friday tends to be a brilliant time to buy gadgets. Last year everything from cut-price kitchen gadgets to reduced computer accessories, cheap games, phone bargains, and tablet discounts were enormously popular - so much so that the

  • Parents spend £100 on GCSE grade rewards

    Parents are set to spend around £100 typically on rewarding their child for their GCSE grades this summer, research has found. From cash bribes to new gadgets and celebratory meals, four in five (80%) parents said they had offered some form of

  • Tesco tablet costing £99 beats £319 Apple in speed test

    Apple may be the coolest brand for gadget-lovers, who are happy to splash out for the sleek design and cutting edge technology in the latest tablets. However, a new test has shown that when it comes to speed, those who buy an Apple iPad mini 3

  • Boost battery life by 800% for just £1.60

    An incredible new gadget claims to increase the life of any disposable battery by 800%. It's going on sale later this year for just £1.60, and it could save us a fortune in batteries. The gadget is called a Batteriser, and according to The

  • Google releases gadget to turn TV into a computer

    Google have released a new piece of technology that will allow people to any display into a Google Chrome operating system. The Chromebit (pictured above) looks no different to a regular USB stick, but the gadget is actually an HDMI dongle that

  • Long term report: Nissan Qashqai

    Blackball Media I, like many 'car people', am a sucker for gadgets and it has to be said that the Qashqai Tekna has got them in spades. Nissan aren't exactly shy when it comes to speccing-up their cars, with many neat toys coming