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  • 11 Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Freeze

    <p>Every year, households in the UK generate over 16 million tonnes of food waste worth £12 billion.</p><p>According to the Waste and Resources Action Programme charity (WRAP), most of this is avoidable and taking steps to prevent food waste could save the average UK family £680 a year.</p><p>We’re all guilty of panic buying at the supermarket and having to throw away out of date fruit and veg come the end of the week.</p><p>Most of us know you can get away with chucking a loaf of bread in the freezer and toasting a slice now and again but did you know that you can also freeze all of these?</p>

  • 4 food trends that will have you salivating in 2016

    Food trends come and go, but the year-end tradition of predicting them is here to stay. This year, the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) shared&nbsp;their research-based predictions on the trends that will capture your heart and palate in 2016. Click through the gallery above to see what’s to come.&nbsp;

  • 14 Delicious Things to Make With Leftover Bananas

    So we tried out these ideas for using up leftover, ripe bananas. When you make a smoothie or milkshake, take out a frozen banana, break it up into chunks and blend it with the rest of the ingredients. It will give a thick, creamy texture to your drink.  Baked Bananas For an effortless warm pudding just make a cut lengthways, about half-way down into an unpeeled banana and stuff the gap with chocolate chips, nuts, nut butter or mini marshmallows - or a combination of all three. Let it cool for a couple of minutes before eating - the marshmallows and chocolate chips will be melted but the banana will be very hot.

  • Bake Off winner offers money-saving advice

    The millions of slices of stale bread thrown away each day could be used in puddings, croutons or shepherd's pie topping, The Great British Bake Off winner Nancy Birtwhistle said. Birtwhistle, who won the BBC competition last year, is

  • Reducing food waste 'could save £194bn'

    Reducing food waste could save the global economy up to 300 billion US dollars (£194 billion) a year, but this would require as much as a 50% reduction by consumers, according to a UK report. One third of all food produced in the world ends up

  • We bin 7m tons of food a year: a quarter of it still in the packet

    New figures have revealed that the state of food waste is even worse than we thought. We throw away 1.6 million tons of vegetables, 910,000 tons of fresh fruit, 570,000 tons of meat and fish, and 560,000 tons of baked goods every year. In total

  • How safe is your food?

    First we were scolded for needlessly throwing away food that is perfectly safe to eat, and now we're warned about gambling with our health by eating food that is past its best. The latest conflicting stance comes from the Food Standards

  • Ministers to dine on 'ugly' produce

    Environment ministers from around the world are being fed a banquet made from food rejected by UK and European supermarkets, to raise the issue of food waste. Vegetables grown by farmers in Kenya, but rejected as "ugly" or unwanted,

  • 'Freeze on day of purchase' advice dropped by Sainsbury's

    Rui Vieira/PA Wire In an effort to reduce food waste, Sainsbury's have introduced new labelling to reassure customers that many products can still be frozen up to its use by date. The new initiative, in partnership with the Waste and

  • Eggs safe to eat past 'best before'

    PA Eggs can be eaten two days after the 'best before' date, according to new guidelines issued by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). As part of a drive to cut down on wastage &ndash; an estimated 660,000 eggs costing £50 million are

  • Families waste £680 on food a year

    Jeff Moore/Empics Entertainment Are you guilty of throwing food away at the end of the week? Millions of us are, according to recent figures, which found that the average household still throws away up to 20% of the food they buy &ndash;