• The fish with a spookily human face

    The porcupine is one of the oddest looking fish in the ocean. It's large, forward-looking eyes and circular mouth resemble a human from a face-on angle. Even the snout could be seen as nose-like. To encounter one of these fish close up is a

  • Fish transporter works like a flexible vacuum to help salmon get upstream

    It may look like a water slide, but this is actually a fish transporter for salmon. It works like a flexible vacuum, helping the fish get past potentially hazardous hydro plants and dams. The elaborate device was developed by Whooshh Innovations

  • A million dead fish cause environmental stink in Australia

    As many as a million fish are believed to have died along the banks of a major river system in drought-battered eastern Australia, and the authorities are warning of more deaths to come, AFP reports. The banks of the Murray-Darling Rivers are

  • The weirdest fish you can actually eat

    There are around 28,000 known species of fish swimming in our rivers and seas. From sharks to rays, they take many different forms, shapes and colours. While we think nothing of tucking into a piece of cod, there are a whole host of weird and

  • Googly eyed fish has amazing disappearing act

    Everyone needs a decent party tirck - and this googly eyed denizen of the deep has a better one than you. The fish was captured on camera performing a hilarious disappearing act on the seabed. Watch the video above and

  • Couple spark controversy after giving wedding guests goldfish as party favours

    Would you be willing to take home a new pet?

  • Researchers find giant goldfish living in saltwater estuaries

    For goldfish, it's go big or go home. Researchers have found giant goldfish living in three saltwater estuaries in southwest Australia. See also: Big fish steals rod from man See also: Lonely hotel guests can now rent goldfish for

  • Lonely hotel guests can now rent goldfish for company

    Traveling solo can be a little lonely at times, but one hotel has found a way to give their guests a little companionship, while making money at the same time! Hotel Charleroi in Belgium has a four-year old Rent A Fish program that

  • Big fish steals rod from man

    Fishing isn't easy at the best of times, but it can get even harder when you end up with a feisty fish on the line. This guy had a big fish within his grasp after he snagged one on the pole he was holding. See also: Man catches fish from

  • Activated charcoal fish and chips is the dish from hell

    Will all of our favourite foods be black by 2020?

  • Man catches fish from his balcony

    Talk about a lucky cast! This fisherman caught a fish from his balcony in Florida. See also: Fisherman in close call with great white shark See also: What not to do when fishing in alligator-infested waters Despite being on a conference call

  • Deep-sea lizard fish is what nightmares are made of

    A team of researchers in Australia continues to find remarkable deep ocean creatures. Case in point is the deep-sea lizard fish. See also: Fish creates underwater 'crop circle' to attract mate See also: Fish with 2,000 teeth

  • Fish creates underwater 'crop circle' to attract mate

    This fish creates large underwater 'crop circles' for mating purposes. The pufferfish species found off Japanese islands creates underwater crop circles or large geometric structures for attracting a mate. SEE ALSO: Fish with 2,000

  • Man feeds shark by hand

    Feeding a shark by hand may seem like a rash thing to do but this footage shows that it is possible, although incredibly dangerous. The man is seen putting a small fish in between his fingers and holding it just above the surface of the water.

  • Dairy and oily fish could reduce risk of early menopause, study finds

    Vitamin D from dairy and fatty fish was associated with a 17% lower risk of early menopause.

  • Fish with 2,000 teeth discovered

    Researchers have identified a new, very toothy fish species that belongs to a newly established genus. The preserved clingfish specimen had been in the Western Australian Museum for roughly 40 years but when researchers realised its truly

  • Fish skin is being used to treat burns

    Apparently, the revolutionary treatment reduces healing time and eliminates the need for painkillers. See also: Best and worst fish for your health See also: Woman spends hundreds of pounds to save her goldfish Related

  • 13 March meals to get you looking forward to spring

    March is here, when we feel like we might just see the sunshine soon and kiss goodbye to cold, grey days and switch hearty winter warmers for meals that are a little bit lighter and bring with them the taste of spring.

  • 13 February foods to inspire you

    There’s a tiny peep of spring coming but you’re still more inclined to those winter warmers to take off the chill.