• Five New Year's resolutions for a prosperous 2015

    1) Start a pension Although most people know they should have a pension, many working adults don't. In fact, it is estimated that around one in seven people in the UK will retire with no private pension, instead relying on the state pension

  • Spring clean your credit report

    Can we now say that spring is *finally* in the air? Rain permitting, this means that for many of us thoughts are turning to soon-come summer holidays, and dusting off the wallet for plenty of local days out in the sun. But before you rush

  • Humpty Dumpty could sell for £1,200 at auction

    He sat through hundreds of episodes of BBC's Play School, even getting his own fanmail. Now the BBC's Humpty-Dumpty is up for auction at Bonhams, and could make £1,200. For such an iconic TV toy, the price might look on the low side,

  • Millions are 'living on the edge'

    Around 15 million people are "living on the edge" despite the improving economy, a report by a debt charity has warned. Stepchange said that these people are either falling behind on bills or are trying to plug gaps in their income by

  • UK meetings take 40m office hours a week

    How bad was your last work meeting? New research from Sharp suggests work meetings are getting worse with 44% of Brits claiming other colleagues doze off in them (though no-one owns up themselves). How reliable the stats are it's difficult

  • Refused credit? No need to panic

    It can be galling when you make an unsuccessful credit application, though it's worth remembering that being refused for credit is not, in itself, hazardous for your credit rating. While your credit report will show that you applied for a

  • Ford: We won't return to profitability until 2015

    Ford's sales and marketing chief, Roelant de Waard, has revealed it will be 2015 before the company will return to profitability in Europe. In the last financial year the manufacturer haemorrhaged nearly $1bn in Europe, far worse than the

  • Average cost of Christmas is £445

    British consumers are set to put their money worries aside and splash out as the festive season approaches, a new survey has revealed. Top related searches: Christmas gifts Cheap Christmas gift ideas Homemade gift ideas Interest free credit

  • Top ten ways to make £18 in 30 minutes

    Spending just 30 minutes a week looking over your finances and working out a proper budget can apparently save you nearly £1,000 a year, according to research from cashback website Quidco. That's the equivalent of £18 a week, just for half an

  • Consumers spend a week a year worrying about money

    Struggling consumers spend one week a year worrying about their finances as savings plummet and personal debt levels spiral, according to new research. A report looking into the effects of the economic downturn on people's quality of life

  • Volkswagen posts record £9.4bn profit

    Volkswagen's journey towards automotive global domination continues apace with the announcement that it made a £9.4bn profit in 2011. That's a 50 percent increase on 2010. The company sold eight million cars during the year - £133bn

  • Finance fraud surges in 2010 say credit experts

    Automotive finance fraud rose by more than a third in the first half of 2010, according to credit experts Experian. The second quarter of this year was the worst, with 47 fraudulent applications for every 10,000 compared with 25 in the same