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  • Saving money the green way with DIY natural cleaning products

    Living an eco-friendly life might sometimes appear to be the expensive option, there are some shortcuts! You can actually make your own all-natural cleaning products at home. Not only can you easily source all the ingredients that go into them,

  • 11 of the best eco-friendly apps to help you live a greener life

    Reduce, reuse and recycle with a little help from your smartphone From Harper's BAZAAR

  • How to have 'clean' sex (and we don’t just mean washing your bits first)

    Yep, the next phase in ‘clean’ living is all about clean sex. Think vegan condoms, organic lube and biodegradable sex toys. “Increasingly millennials are taking more care to live a “clean” or “eco” lifestyle, and this includes sex,” explains Jess Wilde, Resident Sexpert for Lovehoney.

  • Vespa reveals electric version of its iconic scooter

    Vespa. It's a name that has been commonplace in households for seven decades, with the iconic scooters taking top spot on almost every teenager's Christmas list since 1946. And now in its 70th year, the Italian manufacturer has entered

  • Would you use a reusable sanitary pad?

    It’s no secret that the world’s landfills are filled with disposable sanitary products for women. In fact, it’s been said that a single woman can generate between 125 to 150 kilos of sanitary waste during their menstruation years. Hoping to change this statistic, an Australian company has launched Hannahpad, a cloth sanitary pad that can be washed and reused.

  • The Rise Of Vegan Fashion: The Cruelty-Free Brands You Should Give A Toss About

    Whether you live a vegan lifestyle or are just looking to make your wardrobe a little more animal and eco-friendly. The vegan food-trend is on the rise and is making it’s way into the fashion world. Ethical clothes are no longer restricted to clumpy shoes and unsightly hemp t-shirts. Discover these vegan fashion brands and you will find that they are now faux sure more stylish

  • The Perfect Mani-Pedi Colour Combos Now That It’s Sunny And Your Have To Get Your Feet Out

    Whenever summertime rolls around I get super excited about the prospect of wearing sandals at all times, but this feeling is immediately followed by panic at the state of my toe nails. There is just something way more fun about having mismatched nails that still go together and I think that it helps to resolve my ugly toenail anxieties! I also wanted to point out that I chose to focus this post on my all time favorite eco-friendly nail polish brands that are “three free”.

  • The best eco hotels around the world

    TripAdvisor recently revealed its top ten eco friendly hotels around the world, and a UK property has made it into the top five. The Glascoed Guest House in Llandudno, Wales has been named among the best rated eco hotels in the world, taking the

  • Oasis in the the desert: Incredible plan for Abu Dhabi resort

    Deserts can be very tranquil places. After all, there's not really anything in them apart from sand. So building resorts in them can present very specific challenges - like where the water and electricity are going to come from. See

  • How to become a tree when you die

    This capsule, which lets you grow into a tree after you die, is causing a storm on the internet. It's called the Bios Urn, and it's designed to "turn death into a transformation and return to life through nature." The

  • This Lady Hasn’t Shampooed Her Hair For A Year And It’s Both Scary And Spectacular

    “My real hair colour, after 4 years of growing out years of dye and damage, never going back.”  Image: Kayleigh Conway

  • Christmas 2015 Gift Guide: Natural, Eco-Friendly & Vegan Presents

    <p>We’ve all got those friends, siblings and housemates who are admirably careful about their impact on the environment.</p><p>Whether they care about animals enough to have gone vegan and leather-free or they just like their beauty products to be made with a few less chemicals than the norm, we’ve sourced the perfect gifts to shower them with this Christmas!<br /></p>

  • Brazilian mechanic creates water-powered motorbike

    Petrol prices are the bane of many a motorist's life. So much so for one Brazilian man, that he took matters into his own hands. Combining his skills as a mechanic and tips learnt from his son's chemistry books, Ricardo Azevedo

  • Wind farm subsidies end: What it means for green investors

    The Government has announced it will end financial subsidies for onshore wind farms a year early than planned. From 1st April 2016, new UK onshore wind farms will be excluded from a subsidy scheme that helps to make them one of the cheapest ways

  • New pay-per-minute car hire scheme comes to UK

    A new car hire scheme that allows users to stroll up to a vehicle, unlock it , drive it and then drop it off in designated parking areas but only pay per minute is making waves across the UK. German company car2go has introduced the scheme to

  • Mercedes reveals its most economical model to date

    Mercedes completely overhauled its A-class model last year, ditching the awkward, boxy silhouette of old and introducing a modern, sleek hatchback in its place. Now, the German firm has unveiled two new BlueEFFICIENCY Editions that feature

  • Volvo finally nails eco autos

    Volvo's capped up DRIVe brand has a virtual monopoly on Swedish green motoring, thanks to Saab not getting around to doing anything beyond a few E85 biodiesel cars before going all semi-bankrupt and that. Well, now all the patriotic,

  • Go green, stay luxurious: top notch eco-friendly hotels

    Going green need not mean going back to basics. From luxury eco pods to sustainable boutique hotels and wilderness yurts - there is now a wealth of alternative holiday options for people wanting to enjoy a staycation with a clear

  • Editor's picks: Ten wonderful waterside hotels

    Looking for the perfect break? Nothing beats waking up to the sound of a babbling brook or a roaring waterfall. We've picked the best places around the world where you can do just