• Dairy and oily fish could reduce risk of early menopause, study finds

    Vitamin D from dairy and fatty fish was associated with a 17% lower risk of early menopause.

  • A vegan, gluten-free Baileys now exists

    Baileys' previous try at making a totally-vegan recipe didn't go down quite so well - but this one sounds perfect.

  • Why you should never keep milk in the fridge door

    The fridge door seems like the most natural place to keep your milk – you want it on hand for tea and breakfast, and since it’s upright, it won’t leak either.

  • Going 'veggan' is the next big thing

    First there were vegetarians and vegans. Then pescetarians, fruitarians, and then flexitarians.

  • Why Most People Shouldn't Drink Milk, According To Experts

    Once an unquestionable staple, milk has sunk so low in popularity (consumption is down 30 per cent since the 1990s)  that it’s now cheaper than water and the dairy industry is in crisis. “The dairy industry has always claimed milk to be a perfect natural food,” says nutritional therapist and member of Nutrition Resources, Cheryl Fayolle. “Despite all the advertising, there is no biological requirement for cow’s milk,” agrees Christine Bailey, www.christinebailey.co.uk, nutritionist and author of Go Lean Vegan (Yellow Kite Books, published July 2016).

  • 8 alternative baking ingredients you didn’t know about

    Festive baking is definitely one of the best parts of the holidays. But for some, it can be a painful reminder of their limiting dietary restrictions.  We’ve all heard of swapping out an egg for a banana or switching to a rice-based flour or milk to deal with sensitivities but here are eight other alternative ingredients you may not have heard about. Whether you’re gluten-free, allergic to eggs or can’t handle dairy, these modified ingredients will let you satiate your sweet tooth without the stomach upset. 

  • Farming leaders warn on milk prices

    Cuts to the milk price paid to farmers will drive them out of the dairy business and increase prices for consumers in the long run, farming leaders have warned. The National Farmers' Union and other farming unions are holding a summit in