• 90-year-old cyclist stripped of title after failing anti-doping test

    Ninety-year-old cyclist Carl Grove was the lone competitor in his age group at last year's US Masters Track Championships. The veteran set an age-group world record in the individual 2000m pursuit with a time of 3:06.129. Unfortunately

  • Denise Mueller-Korenek breaks world record for fastest bicycle ride

    This badass female cyclist just broke the world record for fastest bike ride, peddling up to an astonishing speed of 183mph. The feat means that Denise Mueller-Korenek, 45, not only smashed her own world record for a women's cycling, but the

  • Heart-stopping footage shows boy nearly being run over on dual carriageway

    This is the heart-stopping moment a young boy came within inches of being run over and killed after he pulled out in front of a car on his bicycle on a busy main road. Shocking dashcam footage captured the terrifying near miss, which took place

  • Reckless cyclist caught on camera ploughing into young girl

    A cyclist has been caught on video mowing down a young girl as she pushed her own bike along a quiet road with her family. The shocking incident happened in Stourbridge, West Midlands, on Sunday and was captured on CCTV cameras at the antiques

  • Cyclist crushed between bus and car in Leicestershire

    This is the terrifying moment a young cyclist cheated death when they came inches away from being crushed between a car and a bus in a shocking hit and run. The rider was seen cycling past a single-decker at 8.18am on Tuesday (5/6) when they

  • Deteriorating roads cost councils £43m in compensation claims

    The cost of crumbling roads has hit local councils heavily, with over £43 million paid out in compensation claims to motorists and cyclists over the last five years. That figure, obtained by cycling campaign group Cycling UK, was gathered from

  • Cyclist shoved into ditch by man in passenger seat of moving car

    A video has been posted on Facebook showing a group of men planning, and then carrying out, an attack which leaves a cyclist crumpled in a road-side ditch. The footage, which appears to be shot on a country lane somewhere in the UK, is filmed

  • Drivers could face fines for passing too close to cyclists

    A review by the Department for Transport into safety measures surrounding cyclists could see a mandatory overtaking distance introduced, in a bid to reduce injuries and prevent intimidating behaviour by car and van drivers. Currently the Highway

  • Potholes kill or seriously injure nearly 400 cyclists in the last decade

    Potholes continue to be a rising problem on Britain's roads – the RAC reported an 11 per cent increase in pothole-related breakdowns in the final quarter of 2017 compared to the same period in 2016. But now new figures from

  • Jeremy Vine: "I see up to 40 motoring offences each morning when cycling to work"

    Jeremy Vine, presenter of his own eponymous BBC Radio 2 show, has shared his views on cycling in a meeting with the London Assembly Transport Committee. The committee met to discuss public attitude to cycling, and the direction of the

  • Top Gear host Matt LeBlanc admits cyclists are 'frustrating'

    Ex-Friends star and Top Gear host Matt LeBlanc has attracted criticism from cycling groups after branding bike users 'frustrating'. During an interview with Event magazine, the American actor admitted he wouldn't cycle around his

  • Increase in traffic leaves people scared to cycle

    The number of people taking to two wheels and cycling has dropped, with traffic and road conditions blamed for a rise in perceived danger. Figures published by the Department for Transport show that nationwide, the average adult made 15 journeys

  • Cyclist captures bus driver texting at the wheel

    A bus driver has been condemned after being caught on camera using his phone at the wheel. Footage captured from the headcam of a passing cyclist shows the driver of a single-decker TrustyBus looking down at a handheld device while

  • Shocking footage shows driver deliberately swerving to hit cyclist

    Dramatic dash cam footage has emerged that shows a driver deliberately swerving and knocking a cyclist to the ground following an altercation in Colchester. Footage of the incident, which happened at around midday on Friday, May 13, 2016, has

  • Packs of cyclists remain motorists’ biggest annoyance

    Whether it's potholes, middle-lane hoggers or drivers using their phones, almost all of us have some major pet peeves when we're out driving. But a new report from insurance comparison website has found Britain's

  • Journalist films daily commute to show how dangerous cycling in London is

    A journalist has filmed his cycle commute for a month to show the dangers cyclists face every day in London. The footage was filmed for Business Insider and shows the commute taking a turn for the worse on several

  • Five best bicycle helmets

    It's just a bit of expanded polystyrene with some straps, so surely any cycle helmet will do, won't it? Well it's not as simple as that. Jelmets come in a variety of styles and with various features making them suited to specific

  • Taking up cycling in later life

    With the Tour de France starting recently (1 July), perhaps you're feeling inspired to get out on two wheels. As a non-load-bearing form of exercise, cycling is excellent for older people or anyone with joint problems that prevent them

  • Air pollution affects more children in cars than outside

    A study has found children are at greater risk of dangerous levels of air pollution when traveling inside a car than when outside a vehicle. Writing for the Guardian, professor Sir David King has found that walking to school or cycling is actually