cervical cancer

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  • Less than a third of women could recognise cervical cancer symptoms

    Despite the fact more than 3,000 women are diagnosed with it every year.

  • Body shame is preventing young women from attending their smear tests

    A third of women say embarrassment has stopped them attending their smear test.

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  • Thousands of women admit to skipping their smear tests, so what's with the smear fear?

    Uptake for the tests is at it’s lowest rate ever with a quarter of a million women aged 25 to 29 not attending their smear test in England last year. New research by Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust reveal that over half (51%) of the women surveyed reported delaying or not attending smear tests with almost one quarter (24%) admitting they have delayed for over one year and almost one in ten having never attended the test. This is in spite of the fact that 1,000 British women die of cervical cancer every year. Reasons for the lack of uptake include embarrassment, with 27% admitting to feeling too embarrassed to attend the appointment, while almost three quarters (72%) of women confessing to feeling uncomfortable taking off their clothes in front of a stranger, lack of flexible appointments also play a role with many women reluctant to take time off work.

  • Why Women Are Putting Off Or Avoiding Their Smear Tests

    What do you do when your smear test reminder plops through your letterbox? If it’s the latter you’re certainly not alone as according to a new survey by a cervical cancer charity one in three women over 50 has delayed or not attended their cervical screening test. Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and Gransnet surveyed 1,000 women over 50 and found that the average delay was of more than two years, while 10% delayed having a smear test for over five years.

  • Celebs Raise Awareness For Cervical Cancer With #SmearForSmear Campaign

    You might have seen a lot of photos over the last couple of days of celebs, who normally only post perfect selfies, committing the ultimate beauty sin: smeared, messy lipstick. No this isn’t a new beauty trend, they are smudging their lipstick as part of the new #SmearForSmear social media campaign which has over Instagram and twitter in support of Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust this week. The Campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of women having cervical smear tests during Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, which is from the 24th to the 30th of January.

  • Cervical cancer: The basics

    It's currently Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, so why not take this opportunity to learn or refresh your memory about this largely preventable kind of cancer. Top related searches: cervical cancer treatment symptoms cervical cancer