• Video: Motorist spotted eating cereal and using phone at the wheel

    It's barely a month since one motorist was spotted negotiating traffic while chowing down on her cereal, but another has been spotted in London eating cereal with one hand and fiddling with her phone in the

  • Cereal-eating driver spoken to by police

    A motorist who was confronted by a cyclist after being spotted eating a bowl of cereal at the wheel has been spoken to by

  • Video: Driver caught eating cereal at the wheel

    A motorist has been filmed apparently eating a bowl of cereal while

  • Weetabix creates monster V8 milk float

    'Fuel for big days', that's the current Weetabix slogan, but the British cereal-maker is going to require a lot more than a couple of wholegrain biscuits doused in cold milk if it is to fuel its latest

  • Pay as you tweet: the first Kellogg's 'Tweet Shop' opens

    You can now use a tweet instead of cash to pay for the latest product from Kellogg's. But how does it work and will other retailers follow? Shopping and social media have formed a new collaboration this week as Kellogg's has opened the

  • Special K advert banned over milk

    An advert for the breakfast cereal Special K has been banned after it was found to mislead customers about the number of calories in a typical bowl. Manufacturer Kellogg's was rapped by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) because