• Estate agent pulls 'drug factory' listing

    A Yorkshire estate agent has removed its listing for a terraced house in Halifax after posting photos that showed it full of cannabis-growing equipment. Last December, police raided the four-bedroom house and found it crammed with 1,200 cannabis

  • ‘Cannabis saved my pregnancy': how safe is weed for mums-to-be?

    For one mother in the US, the risks were worth taking.

  • British granny on benefits reveals cannabis growhouse

    When it comes to the illegal drug industry in Britain, it appears there is a new, unexpected generation of people getting involved. A Birmingham grandmother, who takes disability benefits, is seen boasting of her cannabis growhouse in a new

  • Cannabis milk is here (well, sort of)

    Hemp milk is a species of cannabis made from crushing the seeds and mixing it with water. Relax by Rawligion, is a 100% organic hemp milk which contains cashews, dates, vanilla, and CBD oil (cannibidiol) oil.

  • Environmentalist launches car created from hemp

    A sports car enthusiast has gone to extreme lengths to produce a super green car – by building it from cannabis hemp. Florida resident Bruce Dietzen built his 'Green cannabis car' prototype after investigating the benefits of

  • Bieber pleads guilty to driving charges

    Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Pop-brat Justin Bieber has pleaded guilty to charges of careless driving following a run-in with police in Miami Beach seven months

  • Stoned mechanic who killed passenger and bragged about dangerous driving is jailed

    A car mechanic for Hexham, Northumberland has been jailed for causing the death of his teenage female passenger and injuring four

  • Cannabis farm appears in estate agent advert

    Estate Agency Besley Hill accidentally advertised a property in Bristol on Rightmove, without removing the evidence that it had previously been used as a cannabis farm. One photograph clearly shows plant pots, ventilation pipes and fans. So

  • Brazilian drug-runner killed by own stash

    A drug smuggler in Brazil has been killed by his own haul of illicit narcotics, but not in the way that you might be

  • Drug driving to become criminal offence next year

    Drivers who are under the influence of drugs are set to be prosecuted as part of a 'zero-tolerance crackdown' as of next year. The new offence of driving or being in control of a vehicle with a specified controlled drug in the body is

  • Court order bans Welsh man from his own garden shed

    There are plenty of households where one partner spends an inordinate amount of time in the garden shed, but in one home in Dinas Powys, the man of the house was banned from his shed - by a judge. But why? And what tends to happen to a man in

  • Bolton businessman jailed after horde of stolen car parts is discovered

    A businessman from Bolton has been sentenced after it was discovered an industrial unit he owned was an "Aladdin's Cave" of stolen car parts. Ramzan Ahmed leased two units at the Pilot Industrial Estate, off Manchester Road,

  • High driver who sped wrong way up dual carriageway walks free

    Curt Lodge, 27, led police on a high-speed police chase along the wrong side of a dual carriageway while smoking Cannabis. The incident happened in Cheltenham in June last year when uninsured and unlicensed Lodge refused to stop for police

  • Video: Pot producers pick on Porsches

    Porsche Porsche owners are facing a new threat from criminals who are stealing their high intensity headlights – to help grow cannabis! The far-fetched thefts sound like a joke, but there has been a spate of raids on Panamera and

  • Amsterdam rejects ban on tourists buying cannabis

    PA Amsterdam's mayor has rejected a law banning tourists from buying and smoking weed in its notorious coffee shops. According to Sky News, the mayor of Amsterdam rejected the legislation, which the incoming Dutch government has ruled

  • Elderly couple accidentally grew cannabis plant

    AP Photo/Teresa Crawford Bedfordshire police have reported the seizing of an enormous cannabis plant from an elderly couple who had no idea what they were growing (not the one pictured). So how did they end up on the wrong side of the law, and

  • One in ten young men have driven while stoned

    Research released by the IAM has revealed that one in ten young male drivers has, at some point, driven a car while under the influence of cannabis. The shocking statistic comes just after the Government announced it hopes to introduce laws to

  • Cannabis farm power thefts revealed

    Cannabis farmers steal around £200 million of electricity every year to grow their illegal crops, according to new figures. Crime expert Phil Butler, an academic and former detective inspector, said that was enough to power every home in a

  • Netherlands bans tourists from its cannabis cafes

    PA A judge in the Netherlands has upheld a new law to stop foreign visitors from entering cannabis cafes, meaning they could be banned by the end of the year. Under the new law, Dutch residents will still be allowed in Holland's famous