• Biker has epic fail after doing burnout at petrol station

    This is the amusing moment a show-off biker lost control of his motorcycle while performing a burnout at a petrol station car wash. CCTV footage recorded in the Queensland town of Jimboomba, Australia, shows the leather-clad biker spinning his

  • Driver passes out behind the wheel and pulls massive burnout

    Burnouts are usually the reserve of the young and fun – drivers with little regard for the tread of their tyres. One driver, however, proved that not a lot of skill is needed to perform the smoky trick, after passing out at the wheel

  • Drivers caught on camera performing stunts on LA streets

    Around 50 people were arrested last month after they were caught performing dangerous car stunts on busy streets in Los Angeles. The performances, which have been given the name 'sideshows', are done on intersections in the middle of

  • Cars take part in huge American burnout after-party

    Muscle car drivers in St Louis staged an unconventional party following the end of the Street Car Takeover Burnout Contest – destroying their rear tyres in front of hundreds of spectators.The Street Car Takeover Burnout Contest is a

  • Mercedes performs huge burnout in central London

    A reckless driver in London has been videoed doing burnouts on a busy street, despite the heavy traffic around him. The driver of the Mercedes CLS 63 AMG had many people film the episode on their phones and seemed oblivious to the traffic, which

  • 114-car burnout sets new world record

    Burnouts might be a rather juvenile automotive stunt, but it can earn you a world record, provided you bring enough link-minded people with you to join

  • Australians break burnout record

    YouTube/summernats It's not big and it's not clever, but it can get you into the history books – a group of Australian car enthusiasts are the latest entrants into the Guinness Book of World Records, after performing the

  • Video: Fire engine pulls burnout and tears down drag strip

    SecretSquirrel Diesel Countless kids around the world yearn to be firemen and police officers, so they can put on the blues-and-twos and zoom across city centres at top speed, while startled pedestrians look on in admiration. And who can blame

  • Video: The flaming Jaguar XJ220 burnout

    If you owned a sleek sports car with a six-figure price tag, what would you do with it? Would you drive it as its maker intended or would you leave it wrapped in cotton wool in the garage, only allowing it to see the sun on the rarest of

  • Video: Man ruins brakes doing burnout

    When it comes to fooling around in cars, there are few pleasures as simple (or as juvenile, frankly) as the humble

  • FIA legalises 'donuts' in Formula 1

    We're not suggesting that it was previously illegal for drivers, marshals and commentators to eat the sugary snacks on race weekend but rather it was frowned upon by the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) for jubilant

  • Mercedes C63 AMG Black sets off car park fire alarms with smoky burnout

    The Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series has long been regarded as a bit of a hooligan. In fact, Jeremy Clarkson lists the two-door CLK63 variant as one of his favourite cars and famously drove from his home in London to the depths of Wales in an

  • David Coulthard lays down smoky donuts atop Dubai's Burj Al Arab hotel

    The excellent video below could be regarded as simply a very clever marketing exercise from the PR bods at Red

  • Sebastian Vettel reprimanded after championship celebrations

    The Red Bull Formula One team has been fined £21,400 by world motorsport's governing authority following Sebastian Vettel's exuberant celebrations at the end of the Indian Grand Prix. Vettel performed a series of donuts on the main

  • The ultimate collection of burnouts, Goodwood style

    The Goodwood Festival of Speed is an unashamedly raucous weekend of horsepower, squalling tyres and burnt clutches as petrolheads from far and wide come together to celebrate everything fast and noisy. This year was particularly special, with

  • Video: Naked Dodge Viper still fun

    Only a Swede would think about salvaging his Dodge Viper's powertrain to create a 600bhp Saab 9-3 estate. And only a particularly mental Swede would take the time to turn doughnuts in the car's naked chassis before the mechanics could