body dysmorphia

  • Humans of New York subject who wants his girlfriend to lose weight stirs controversy

    Humans of New York, known for its profiles of New Yorkers, shared the story of a guy who wants his significant other to lose weight. And people are upset.

  • Mum’s Before And After Pictures Prove That Weight Loss Isn’t The Key To Happiness

    [Photo: Instagram/Alison Kimmey] When we read blog posts about fitness and happiness, the focus is usually on losing weight. Even in posts about self love and body positivity, there’s still often the suggestion that we’d be better off a few pounds lighter. And while losing weight is a good and necessary move for many, the pressure to look or weigh a certain way can be exhausting and damaging. This is why health coach Allison Kimmey recently decided to turn this idea on its head in a recent Instagram post.