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  • Bill Gates' newest purchase Is £500m superyacht from the future

    Bill Gates has reportedly purchased a £500m environmentally-friendly superyacht. The billionaire is the first to commission the luxury vessel, which is powered by liquid hydrogen and therefore would emit only water, and not carbon. The

  • Ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos pledges half her fortune to charity

    The ex-wife of Amazon founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos has pledged half her fortune to charity, following in the footsteps of billionaires Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. MacKenzie Bezos finalised her divorce in April and reportedly got a

  • 14 billionaires giving fortunes away

    Not all billionaires want to blow it all on super-mega-yachts, diamonds the size of their own head, or Premiership football clubs: some want to change the world for the better instead. In fact 14 billionaires have just promised to give huge

  • Is Bill Gates set to be the world's first trillionaire?

    If you think a million dollars is hard enough to fathom, what about a trillion? The world's richest man, Bill Gates could go from being a billionaire to the world's first trillionaire in just a matter of 25 years - that's as much

  • A new richest man in the world - for just two days

    How must it feel to be the richest man in the world - and then to be knocked from the slot after just two days? That's what happened to Amancio Ortega, the founder of Spanish shopping chain Zara, who briefly toppled Microsoft founder Bill

  • Bill Gates is richer than ever before...

    Bill Gates is currently the richest he's ever been with a wealth of $90 billion behind him. That's up from the $83.3 billion he was reportedly worth in March of this year, Bloomberg reported. The spike in wealth is said to be from

  • The richest men in the world: surprise for Mark Zuckerberg

    The annual Bloomberg list of the world's richest billionaires has been published, revealing that Bill Gates remains the richest man in the world - with a total estimated fortune of $85.2 billion. Nowadays Microsoft is a tiny fraction of his

  • Bill Gates takes family on £200m superyacht holiday in Sardinia

    What do you do for your family holiday when you're the world's richest man with a fortune of nearly $80 billion (approx £50bn)? Well, if you're Bill Gates, you whisk everybody off to a $330 million (£200m) yacht off the coast of

  • World richest billionaires: guess who's back on top?

    The annual envy list is out again, listing the world's richest billionaires, and their massive fortunes. According to Forbes there are now 1,645 billionaires around the world - including 172 women - with a combined total wealth of $6.4

  • Nadella named new Microsoft CEO

    Microsoft has named Indian-born Satya Nadella as its new chief executive and announced that founder Bill Gates is stepping down as company chairman. The appointment of the 46-year-old computer science expert, who has worked for the technology

  • Who were the big winners of 2013?

    It has been an odd year for many of us. We've heard the news, so we know that the economy has apparently turned a corner. House prices are up, sales are increasing, employment is growing, and the country is booming. The winners of 2013 are

  • Secret millionaire leaves $187.6m to charity

    To his Seattle neighbours, Jack MacDonald was a quiet and frugal man. He was a dedicated bargain-hunter who wore his clothes out before buying new ones, and always took the bus. So they were stunned when he died at the age of 98 - and left a

  • The 10 richest people in the world

    Bloomberg Markets magazine has published its annual list of the richest people in the world. The top spot has been re-taken by Bill Gates, after his main rival Carlos Slim saw his fortune fall by an incredible 12.9%. But who makes up the rest

  • Who are the 10 richest Americans?

    The old adage that everything is bigger in America certainly rings true this year. Forbes' list of the richest Americans reveals some astounding fortunes - including the richest man in the world, and a man who added $12.5 billion to his

  • The richest people of all time - Bill Gates in12th place

    AP Photo/John Minchillo We think we know what it means to be wealthy. We have Bill Gates and Paris Hilton showing us the broad spectrum of what happens to humanity when faced with a fortune. However, we haven't seen the half of it. A new

  • Gates tops new Forbes rich list

    Bill Gates has topped this year's Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans with a net worth calculated at 59 billion US dollars (£37 billion). Forbes said the Microsoft co-founder saw his wealth increase by 5 billion US dollars (£3.2 billion)