• Liv Tyler on her Belstaff collection, taking tips from Stella McCartney and celebrating womanhood

    It’s easy to see why Liv Tyler’s such a successful woman. “Delphine (Ninous, the brand’s creative director) thought I was a good Belstaff girl,” Liv says, tucked up on a chair in a suite at the Rosewood London wearing a loose blouse, jeans and no shoes.

  • Liv Tyler on Babies, Body Image & How to Navigate Hollywood Like a Pro

    Photography by Jody Rogac Styling by Rachel Wirkus Set Design by Jerry Schwartz Hair by Anh Co Tran Makeup by Matin Manicure by Katherine St Paul Hill Liv Tyler is, unquestionably, a rare and fantastic beauty. Even at 38, the star has retained the coltish allure of her youth: porcelain skin, expressive, dark-blue eyes, a grin that somehow manages to be both goofy and straightforward. But despite all that, it’s Tyler’s voice that really cinches the deal on her stardom. It’s breathy, high-pitched, disarming; one writer described it as the “susurrus of a stream.”