• Nicole Kidman reportedly 'mortified' by LOVE magazine shoot

    What's so shocking about nipples?

  • This grey-haired modelling agency only signs those over 45

    Russian agency Oldushka is promoting diversity in a big way by banning young people from its roster.

  • List of things women shouldn't wear after 30 goes viral for the best reason

    As soon as you’re not in your early 20s any more, it can feel as if the fashion world isn’t on your side.

  • The shocking rise of age discrimination

    Four in ten people over the age of 50 have faced age discrimination. Employers are apparently the biggest source of unfair treatment, and almost half of older people feel they are treated like second class citizens in the workplace. See also:

  • Want to do well at work? Don't get old

    A fifth of all UK workers say that age is the biggest factor getting in the way of career progression. We are among the worst in Europe for ageism - with only people in the Netherlands and Switzerland citing it as more of a problem than in the

  • This stunning lingerie campaign featuring a 57-year-old model celebrates the beauty of growing older

    Shot by photographer, Harry Were, the beautiful images feature 57-year-old model, Mercy Brewer, as the star of the labels autum/winter 2017 campaign. “Perceptions of beauty have and always will change, therefore I think we can conclude its standard is not set in stone, and new beauty is always waiting to be discovered,” she said of the campaign. “I believe we are in a moment in time where older women’s beauty has been a startling revelation.

  • Meet the 80/90somethings redefining old age (and rocking their nine plus decades)

    From the 89-year-old still performing up to 4 surgical procedures a day, to the 95-year-old style icon who gives women a quarter her age a run for their money in the cool stakes, meet the age-positive women breaking down elderly barriers, blazing a trail for the younger generation and proving that life begins at 80! Having worked as a model in her earlier years, Daphne Selfe returned to modelling aged 70 after the death of her husband and is now thought to be the world’s oldest supermodel. Since being signed to a leading agency in her 70s, the 88-year-old has appeared in countless advertising campaigns for leading designers such as Dolce & Gabbana and Ralph Lauren, has been photographed by the likes of Mario Testino and David Bailey and is now the go-to poster girl for older women.

  • Simone Rocha fights ageism as 70-year-old models walk in her AW17 show

    73-year-old Italian icon Benedetta Barzini walked along with 70-year-old British face Jan de Villeneuve. Both worked alongside renowned photographers such as Irving Penn and David Bailey to capture the beauty of the 1960s. Other older faces appeared including 80s star Marie Sophie Wilson and industry stalwart Cecilia Chancellor.

  • Should models be older? Ageism protest causes a stir at London Fashion Week

    It wasn’t just animal rights that were being fought for this morning at London Fashion Week. The protest brought up some worrying facts surrounding the fashion world. The average age of a catwalk model is now 17 with older models coming few and far between.

  • Meet the 61-year-old proving age doesn't have to be a boundary to beauty

    For most of us, the very thought of posting a nude selfie to Instagram would bring us out in a cold sweat and have us diving for the nearest cover-up. But not Yazemeenah Rossi. The model, visual artist, and self-portrait photographer has been busy sharing beautiful yet tasteful naked pictures of herself in stunning locations with only a strategically placed scarf to hide her modesty. And boy does she look amazing.

  • The diversity trend: When will fashion become truly inclusive?

    ‘Diversity’ was a real buzzword in fashion this year. In a recent panel orchestrated by The Business of Fashion on the topic of diversity and inclusion, model Joan Smalls used a term that sums up the whole problem with the current focus on diversity: “Sometimes, people jump on bandwagons and do things because it’s cool for the season.

  • Madonna hits back at her critics in powerful speech about sexism, ageism and misogyny

    Madonna has come in for a lot of flack of late. “I loved Madonna when she acted her age,” he said on Good Morning Britain. The attack could well have been a sexist, ageist and misogynist move too far for the pop superstar and she decided to use her Billboard acceptance speech to speak out about the issue and offer an insight into her experiences as a woman in the music industry.

  • Madonna is age-shamed yet again. Is it time to give the singer a break?

    This time, Madonna has been targeted by the Daily Mail for her “ageing wrinkled” hands that shockingly reveal her real age. Daring to lift her hands to the camera, Madonna showed that she is ageing naturally – and gracefully – with a few lines and wrinkles seen. Google ‘Madonna age’ and you get 785,000 news results.

  • Emma Watson Calls For Gender Equality In Hollywood: “I’ve Experienced Sexism”

    Emma Watson isn’t one to shy away from saying what she thinks, particularly when defending women’s rights – just one of the reasons why she makes such a brilliant UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. The actress has spoken numerous times about gender equality, most notably in her game-changing speeches for the UN, and she’s now calling out sexism in Hollywood in a way that everyone understands. As part of a larger piece by The Guardian on the industry’s sexist practices, the “Perks Of Being A Wallflower” star has used hard-hitting figures to show how few women are key players in the film world.

  • Dame Helen Mirren Has An Issue With Men Who Put Their Arm Around Their Partner’s Shoulders

    The actress has something to say about men who sling their arms around their partner’s shoulders. Dame Helen Mirren isn’t one to mince her words. The 70-year-old actress has taken aim at men who put their arm around their partner’s shoulders – because it looks like “ownership”.

  • Actress Sheila Hancock hits out at insurers after premium rise

    Writer and actress Sheila Hancock has speculated that her age and profession could be behind the huge £1,400 rise in the cost of her car insurance. The 82-year-old saw her premium jump from £873 to a whopping £2,246 this year, despite having

  • Young and old discriminated at work

    Frank May/PA The young and elderly both face age discrimination in the workplace, according to new research by the Department for Work and Pensions. The report, based on analysis from the Office for National Statistics's opinions survey,

  • You're old in your 50s

    Andrew Matthews/EMPICS Sport Hold the front page... ageism is rife in society. I know, who knew? Apparently we are all enslaved to the cult of youth, and the assumption that younger and less wrinkly is somehow fundamentally better. New research

  • Age discrimination? Rightly so, says Prince Philip

    Prince Philip didn't do much for anti-ageism campaigners last night, when the outspoken Duke said "you go downhill" later in life. In a BBC interview recorded for his birthday today, the Prince said he is reducing his own workload

  • New TV survey contradicts ageist argument

    From Arlene Phillips to Moira Stuart, the BBC has come under some serious fire recently over complaints of ageism against its female presenters. But a new survey by the Radio Times has revealed that the average age of women on TV has increased from