• Children addicted to gaming will be offered NHS treatment

    The service has been set up to address the “emerging problem” of gaming addiction.

  • Davina McCall, 51, addresses fitness backlash and admits she's addicted to exercise

    The television presenter is famed for posting divisive bikini selfies via Instagram.

  • Celebs you probably didn't realise battled addiction

    Celebrities are people too - and their struggles often take place far from the camera. We bet you had no idea that most of these famous names battled addiction in the past - either before becoming famous for while keeping it secret from the

  • Addiction experts are warning parents not to let teenagers drink at home

    "What you’re saying to your child is, ‘It’s OK to drink under the age of 18.’”

  • First child diagnosed with Internet addiction by the NHS

    The 15-year-old has missed a year of school because of his addiction to online gaming

  • Why it’s damaging to tell men to ‘man up’

    Carl Fogarty has come under fire for criticising Ant McPartlin's road to recovery.

  • Marijuana could reduce drug and alcohol relapses for addicts

    A new study finds evidence that medical marijuana could be used to reduce the chances of relapse among those struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction.

  • How to heal an addiction

    The Doctors offer tips on how to help a family member - or yourself - heal an addiction. Find out more in the video above. See also: Revealed: The world's most addictive foods See also: Woman injects melatonin to 'become

  • 'Sleeping Beauty Diet' could kill you, experts warn

    This extreme dieting trend is so dangerous.

  • 10 Surprising Things You May Be Addicted To

    Research findings published in the journal Addiction Biology suggest that exposure to ultraviolet rays in the form of sunshine or tanning beds can cause changes in brain activity similar to drug addiction, keeping you hooked on tanning. According to Dr. Bryon Adinoff, an author of the study, the brain responds to UV light in areas that are associated with reward, causing some people to develop an addiction (“Tanorexia”) despite the potentially fatal health risks of tanning. It is thought that sufferers of Internet addiction disorder (IAD) could face similar symptoms to those suffering from other addictions, including withdrawal symptoms.

  • The Amy Winehouse Foundation Is Opening A New Women-Only Rehab Centre

    It’s been five years since the death of Amy Winehouse, but the Amy Winehouse Foundation - which works to prevent the effects of drug and alcohol misuse on young people - has a new project underway. On August 22, the Foundation will open a women-only rehabilitation centre in East London to “address the specialist needs of female addicts". Named ‘Amy’s Place’, the Foundation says that these needs are often “more complex” than that of their male counterparts, and that the project will highlight the need for a “new approach” to supporting female addicts.

  • Revealed: The world's most addictive foods

    A survey from the University of Michigan asked people to rank 35 different foods by their addictiveness. And guess which foods scored the highest? See also: How to curb food cravings The researchers described "addictive foods" as

  • Lose weight or lose benefits: Cameron tells obese

    People with 'preventable' conditions like addiction and obesity, who refuse to get treatment, could have their benefits cut. David Cameron is considering the approach - starting with a review into how much the government spends dealing

  • Alcohol dependency fear for weight loss surgery patients

    Pic: Getty Patients who undergo weight loss surgery could be simply swapping one addiction for another, researchers claim, with some turning instead to alcohol to satisfy their cravings. Scientists in Norway have suggested that gastric bands and

  • What your food cravings mean

    We all get cravings for certain foods from time to time, but for some annoying reason they usually seem to be for the sort of nosh that we know won't do us any good. Pic: Getty Now everyone's heard the old military adage to

  • 'Crack cocaine' slot machines face cap

    'Crack cocaine' slot machines could see payouts radically capped. Plans by the Government could see a code of conduct allowing punters to set limits on what they may lose. It's easy to lose hundreds of pounds in a few minutes with

  • Are prescription drugs killing us?

    Prescription drugs have been in the headlines a lot recently, especially after the death of both Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger. It may not be just the rich and famous who are getting into trouble with prescribed medication either. A recent

  • Quit smoking in 2010

    It's one of the most addictive substances, but that doesn't mean that cigarettes can't be stopped. There are several ways to help you in the battle to give up the evil weed, read through a few below.Top stop smoking searches: NHS