T.J. Holmes Is Teasing A New Gig In 'Commute' Photo After GMA Exit

 T.J. Holmes on GMA3.
T.J. Holmes on GMA3.

It’s been nine months since GMA3: What You Need to Know co-hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach were taken off the air amid the discovery of their romantic relationship and about eight months since the couple signed exit agreements to depart ABC News. Since then, they have engaged in PDA while traveling, been seen jogging around New York City and indicated they’re ready to move in together. However, one thing we haven’t seen from the former anchors is their return to the workforce — until now. Holmes just posted a photo of his “commute,” seemingly teasing that he’s got a new gig.

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach only recently returned to social media, after they were forced to deactivate their accounts amid backlash for their alleged affair. Recently, though, Holmes has sent love to his daughter on Instagram, and now it looks like he may have landed a new job:

The photo includes the caption “#newmorningcommute,” which many are interpreting to mean that he’s found his first new job after GMA3. Saying that it's "new" would suggest a change, and he isn’t simply out on his morning coffee run or something similar. His motorcycle takes up most of the photo, on what we can assume are the streets of NYC, and unless Amy Robach is holding on behind him, it looks like this supposed new gig may be his alone.

When Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes first reportedly started looking for work, it was said that they were hoping to capitalize on the chemistry that attracted GMA3’s viewers to them in the first place by continuing to work together on-screen. Just a month ago it was rumored that Robach might be close to landing a deal with NewsNation for a weekly show called Robach & Co., but reports alleged that the subscription channel had no plans to bring Holmes on, after initially showing interest in the pair.

Reports have circulated for months about what Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes might do next. The duo allegedly wanted to stay in the television business, but major networks like CNN and CBS were apparently amongst those that passed on the couple, who also is said to have met with the producers of The Ellen DeGeneres Show to “aggressively” pitch their own program.

There have also been conflicting reports about how hard the lovebirds have been trying to get back to business. While one PR expert said that their careers will suffer the longer they wait, as they lose their emotional tie to their fans, other reports have indicated they’re not too worried about this period of unemployment. Immediately following their release from ABC News, the couple was reportedly waiting for the dust to settle a bit before jumping into something new, and it’s also thought that their exit agreements may prohibit them from working elsewhere for a specific period of time.

Hopefully if T.J. Holmes has, in fact, rejoined the workforce, we’ll be hearing some more details pretty soon — which seems likely if he was able to secure something in front of the camera. Until then, you can keep up with everything that’s premiering in the coming weeks with our 2023 TV schedule.