Syndey Sweeney is no longer a blonde and officially a brunette

In a move that would surely have Maddy fuming, Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney attended the GQ awards in London on Wednesday night with her signature blonde hair dyed brunette.

Thankfully for Cassie's safety however, Sydney's new shade is more of a chestnut, Hailey Bieber-esque brown than a Maddy rich chocolate hue.

Wearing a floor-length black dress with silver metal corset bust and cut out detail, it's a miracle we even noticed her colour change, but when you're a beauty sleuth you can't let yourself get distracted by the wardrobe department.

Syndey's new brunette locks were styled into a '90s reminiscent updo, complete with side fringe detail. The man behind it, hairstylist Glen Coco, assisted by Guy Cory.

Just a reminder for you all of what Sydney looked like pre dark side.

sydney sweeney brown hair
Rodin Eckenroth - Getty Images

Compared to Sydney now

sydney sweeney brown hair
Karwai Tang - Getty Images

It would also be remiss of us not to touch on Syndey's incredible metallic eyeliner which as the work of makeup artist Melissa Hernandez.

Melissa shared a picture to her Instagram as well and called it 'Liner with a twist'. Having examined it close up, we're 99.9% sure this is the work of a decal, rather than an actual liquid pen.

Finally, the finishing touch was Sydney's silver chrome nails, for which she of course went to the real queen of glazed doughnut nails, Zola Ganzorigt.

If you're not already following Zola, make that change because she is the mastermind behind Hailey Bieber's nails and is the reason we're all begging our nail techs to get their sponge tip applicators out.

Looks like the chrome obsession isn't going anywhere anytime soon then.

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