Sydney Zoo Welcomes Birth of 'Miracle' Chimpanzee Baby

Staff at Taronga Zoo in Sydney welcomed the birth of a “miracle” chimpanzee baby on Wednesday, October 7.

The zoo said the baby, who is yet to be named, and its mother, 19-year-old Naomi, are doing well.

The birth is a particularly significant one for Naomi and the zoo. Naomi has had two stillbirths since her arrival from Denmark in 2015.

“We’ve been on such a journey with Naomi and her past pregnancies, so to see her deliver a healthy baby and watch as those natural instincts kick in really is a miracle,” said senior primate keeper Katie Hooker.

“Given her history, we were naturally cautious around this pregnancy, however we were able to work with Naomi and our vets to conduct an ultrasound and see that this pregnancy was going well and also to determine an approximate due date,” Hooker said. Credit: Taronga Zoo Sydney via Storyful