Sydney Sweeney shows off her shortest hairstyle yet: a long bob

In true 'changing of the seasons' fashion, Sydney Sweeney has switched up her classic blonde, chest-length, wavy hair look for the upcoming autumnal months. The Euphoria star took to the Emmys red carpet just a few days ago to debut her 'do and now, at New York Fashion Week, she's styled her new hair with a 90s twist.

As it is well known, Sydney, who goes by the name of Cassie Howard in the hit HBO TV show, has rocked her luscious blonde locks for quite some time now. And by quite some time, we really mean ever since she hit our screens. However, that was until she dyed her hair red and got a full-fringe for her role as Penny Jo in National Anthem back in March of this year. It was quite a drastic change.

Though unfortunately, the colour didn't stay for long *collective sigh* and she went back to her true roots (pun intended) with a blonde bleach and tone. Here, let's reminisce on her signature look:

Now, to mark a new era (read: Halloween szn), Sydney chopped her locks into a shoulder-length 'lob' aka a long bob. Below is a snap of her debut look, where her hairstylist, Glen Coco took to Instagram to share the news. In the caption, he wrote: "WE CHOPPED IT!!".

Following the Emmys, Sydney hopped on a flight from LA to New York to attend the Tory Burch spring/summer 2023 runway show. And as one would for such a notoriously prestige and fashionable event, Syd went all out in terms of beauty with a 90s-inspired flicky lob.

Equal parts glam and chic, right? Oh, and with a hint of grunge, too. The red lip paired with socks and heeled sandals speak for themselves TBH.

We can't wait to see how she styles her new look. Could there be a fringe incoming, too? Who knows – anything is possible...

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