Sydney Sweeney’s red carpet hairstyle is giving us Y2K 'MySpace era' flashbacks

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Some things in life are just nostalgic. That (very plastic) smell of Play-Doh, the iconic duo of 2003 aka, The Cheeky Girls and of course, how the O2 was once named The Millennium Dome. Ahhhh the good ol' days. But one thing that unites the former three is the era of their peak: the early 00s. And what has ignited my desire to *insert Cher voice* turn back time is Euphoria star, Sydney Sweeney and her very Y2K reminiscent hairstyle. Allow me to present: the Millenial side part.

Side note: Yes, Play-Doh is *probably* still around but this was a special time, pre-technology. OK? OK.

But back to Syd and her hairstyle which arrived on our Instagram feeds just a few hours ago. Celebrity hairstylist, Glen Coco, who worked the following magic on Sydney's hair shared a snap of the actor's Y2K look that she wore on the red carpet of the 2022 Venice International Film Festival in Italy.

To complete the very sophisticated down 'do, Glen styled Syd's locks with a soft loose wave – it may not seem like much of an effort (read: an intricate updo) but she certainly is giving off old Hollywood leading lady vibes. And TBH, the side-part speaks for itself. Take a look below:

Now, what makes this give 'MySpace era' vibes is the fact that... well... nobody really wears their hair like this nowadays. Instead, TikTokers and GenZ are all about the middle part. However, the icons of the 2000s are bringing the look back. Thanks, Kim Kardashian and co.

As well as Glen, the rest of Sydney's glam squad, including MUA Melissa Hernandez and fashion stylist Molly Dickson, also came in clutch with their very own IG posts featuring the look.

IDK about you but I'm convinced. Now to dig out my comb so I can re-part my locks...

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