Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk Is The Secret For Non-Dairy Fudge

chocolate fudge squares on plate
chocolate fudge squares on plate - Jessica Morone/Tasting Table

Making tempting squares of chewy, gooey homemade fudge is possible even when dairy products are not involved in the original dessert recipe. With the inclusion of sweetened condensed coconut milk, even the dairy-free eaters among your dinner party guests can partake. The substituted ingredient will most likely go unnoticed as your recipe takes palates by storm with both an undeniable squidgy texture and a sweet, creamy taste of decadence.

Because fudge is known for not only its texture but also its flavor, sweetened condensed coconut milk can answer the required call resulting in a luxurious mouthfeel and rich taste. When making fudge from scratch, use sweetened condensed coconut milk in your classic go-to recipes to create a satisfying creamy boost of subtle flavor that can be folded and stirred easily in mixing bowls. With a rich, luscious base, you can unleash your culinary creativity and put together unique fudgy recipes of your own design.

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Build Creamy Texture With Satisfying Taste

cans of sweetened condensed coconut milk
cans of sweetened condensed coconut milk - Nature's Charm® Australia / Instagram

The consistency of sweetened condensed coconut milk offers a smooth, soft, toothy texture that can make any fudge recipe irresistible. Including the creamy ingredient in simple fudge can eliminate the need for much else, even butter: Using only three ingredients, you can be on your way to slicing up squares of dairy-free fudge that can be enjoyed for 2-3 weeks after preparation. Tasting Table recipe developer, Jessica Morone, who came up with our dairy-free fudge recipe, explains how easy it is to make, saying, "You don't have to worry about a lot of ingredients or getting sugar to the right temperature." Combined with the added textural contrast of chopped nuts or roasted shavings of desiccated coconut, the creaminess of this vegan dessert will have you planning to make extra the next time you whip up a batch of the fudgy treat.

If a three-ingredient dessert recipe sounds too simple for your culinary ambitions, or you don't want to use store-bought condensed coconut milk, challenge yourself to make your own sweetened condensed coconut milk using coconut milk and the sweetener of your choice. Once you have the creamy ingredient on hand, you may be finding ways to sneak spoonfuls into other food and drink recipes.

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