Sweaty Betty now have a hijab for fitness

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Photo credit: Sweaty Betty/Cat Harvey-Jenner
Photo credit: Sweaty Betty/Cat Harvey-Jenner

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Activewear brand Sweaty Betty have just launched their first ever performance hijab, which they say took more than a year of trial and error, development, workshops and feedback. A Sweaty Betty spokesperson told Cosmopolitan that plenty of hard work has gone into creating "a technical hijab that stays secure during activities – from training sessions to competitive sport".

The brand add that they're on a mission to empower women through fitness and beyond, and stress that they're committed to "breaking down any barriers that restrict access to physical activity".

It adds that the hijab is "simple yet highly functional" and that it has been carefully constructed from "sweat-wicking, lightweight and breathable fabric". It is available in two different sizes: small to medium, and medium to large. The Sweaty Betty hijab retails for £25 and is available in black.

Speaking about the new release, Sweaty Betty's Chief Product Officer, Jemma Cassidy, said, "We hope that this will facilitate an underrepresented group of women to compete at their optimal level of performance."

Cassidy added, "No matter your size, age, skin colour or religion, we want to empower every woman to lead a healthy lifestyle."

Photo credit: Sweaty Betty
Photo credit: Sweaty Betty

Excitingly, there are also plans for the brand to introduce more pieces designed with hijabi athletes in mind, all with the aim of minimising the practical challenges that may accompany, as well as making the world of health, sport and wellness are more inclusive space for all.

Plenty of other positive steps working towards greater inclusivity in fitness are being made too, via the likes of Thy.Self (a disruptive lifestyle brand that challenges outdated stereotypes of what 'healthy' looks like, whilst diversifying wellness through the hashtag #WellnessForAll).

Leading label Nike also recently launched their first maternity range (although this was met with a mixed response online, as the company have been accused of not supporting the pregnant athletes they've previously sponsored – something Nike denies.

We can't wait to see what's next from the Sweaty Betty team!

You can shop the new Sweaty Betty training hijab right here:

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