We Swear Every Fashion Editor Owns at Least One of These Jewellery Pieces

Emily Dawes
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As experts in the world of fashion, it’s not unusual for friends and family to come to us asking for recommendations and advice on what to buy. One of the main questions we often field, whether for a gift or self-gift, is about the best jewellery brands— something perfect for everyday wear, that still feels special but won’t break the bank. 99% of the time, Missoma is the answer. Not just because of the wearability, quality and timeless nature of it’s chic gold designs, but also because that’s what we actually wear. When the world was normal and IRL fashion weeks and brand events were still a thing, it would be very rare for us to spot a fashion editor that wasn’t wearing at least one piece of Missoma jewellery.

Although the whole extensive collection is usually on point there are, of course, certain pieces that crop up more than others. Familiar favourites and cult items that have gained hero status over the years, instantly recognisable amongst those in the know as belonging to the brand. Like the Roman Arc Coin Necklace, so perfect for the summer, the Medium Ridge Hoop Earrings that brand collaborator Lucy Williams is rarely seen without, or the Flat Curb Chain Necklace that simply goes with absolutely everything.

These icons always find their way to the top of our recommendations list, tried and tested and proven to tick all those aforementioned boxes. Great as starting points in anyone’s collection, statement enough to be worn on special occasions or classic enough to become a second skin and layered up as your collection starts to grow. This season, kindly, Missoma has done the work for us and collated the hero pieces they’re known for into a dedicated edit on site.

So, whether you’ve been meaning to invest in some Missoma for a while, or are a loyal follower already, looking for those truly classic pieces to add to your jewellery box, keep scrolling to see and shop every piece in the ‘Icons’ collection now.

Shop the Icons Collection:

Missoma Lucy Williams Gold Roman Arc Coin Necklace (£145)

Missoma Lucy Williams Square Malachite Necklace (£95)

Missoma Gold Aegis Chain Necklace (£165)

Missoma Zenyu Chandelier Hoop Earrings (£125)

Missoma Lucy Williams Gold Square Snake Chain Necklace (£159)

Missoma Lucy Williams Gold Flat Curb Chain Necklace (£185)

Missoma Baya Hoop Earrings (£115)

Missoma Lucy Williams Gold Medium Ridge Hoop Earrings (£125)

Missoma Lucy Williams Gold Large Horn Necklace (£145)

Missoma Lucy Williams Entwine Necklace (£135)

Missoma Lucy Williams Front Facing Hoop Earrings (£129)

Missoma Lucy Williams Chunky Entwine Hoop Earrings (£110)

Missoma Lucy Williams Gold Mini Fang Necklace (£115)

Missoma Lucy Williams Malachite Square Gold Signet Ring (£98)

Missoma Gold Medium Molten Hoop Earrings (£115)

Missoma Gold Pave Huggies (£70)

Missoma Lucy Williams Gold Octagon Medallion Coin Necklace (£169)

Missoma Gold Leaf Choker (£98)

Missoma Gold Claw Clove Cuff Bracelet (£98)

Missoma Gold Double Chain Bracelet (£75)

Missoma Lucy Williams Gold Mini Fang Choker (£105)

Missoma Amazonite Lena Charm Necklace (£125)

Missoma Flat Snake Chain Necklace (£198)

Missoma Gold Axiom Chain Necklace (£179)

Missoma Gold Interstellar Star Studded Ring (£59)

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