Susanna Reid pays emotional tribute to Bill Turnbull on Good Morning Britain

Interrupting her summer break, Susanna Raid joined GMB presenters Kate Garraway and Ben Shepherd to reflect on Bill Turnbull’s life. Turnbull sadly passed away on Wednesday aged 66, following a challenging fight with prostate cancer after having been diagnosed with the disease in 2017.

Video transcript

SUSANNA REID: He would-- he was a stickler for detail, for spelling and punctuation and grammar. He would rewrite, you know, every script to make sure that it was perfect because he wanted the best program that could possibly be.


SUSANNA REID: He threw himself into everything. When I worked with him at the BBC, we went hell for leather around the Manchester velodrome on those racing bikes that have no brakes.

KATE GARRAWAY: Oh my goodness!

SUSANNA REID: And we also did a "Come Dine With Me" spoof for a Christmas special, and he was very competitive. Really wanted to get the 10 in the cooking competition. But then he would let it all go. To Bill, it was only telly. It was only telly. So he threw himself into it, was a stickler for it when he was doing it. But for him, the most important thing in his life was home, was family, was his wife Sesi and his children, was his dogs and his bees. Everything for Bill was in perspective.

There's a paragraph that I just wanted-- a few lines that I just wanted to read because these really hit home to me when I read them. He said this after his diagnosis. "You have to be positive, don't you? I know I'm not going to get cured and I'm realistic about the long-term prospects. Most importantly, I really do think I've had a wonderful life with amazing experiences as a reporter and a presenter. And if it was all to end tomorrow, I couldn't have any complaints. I've had a really marvelous time." And I am so grateful to have known him, so grateful to have worked with him, and so grateful he was here as well--

BEN SHEPHERD: Yes, [? how lovely that was. ?]

SUSANNA REID: --with all of us on "Good Morning Britain" in the last couple of years because I know, you know, that meant so much to our viewers. He was a really magnificent man.

BEN SHEPHERD: [? They ?] really enjoyed it.