Susanna Reid Hits Back At Critics Telling Her To Quit 'Good Morning Britain': 'I'm Staying Right Where I Am'

Daniel Welsh

‘Good Morning Britain’ presenter Susanna Reid has issued a defiant response to her detractors, who have criticised her involvement in the ITV daytime show.

In the past few weeks, ‘Good Morning Britain’ has come under fire on numerous occasions, largely thanks to its anchor Piers Morgan, who faced controversy last week when viewers pointed out the differences between his presenting styles when he interviewed journalist Ash Sarkar and former Trump advisor Steve Bannon.

In Monday’s show, Piers teased his upcoming interview with US President Donald Trump recorded during his UK visit, which caused further controversy, prompting Susanna to speak out.

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid

Defending her co-host, Susanna declared: “To all journos furious about the [Piers Morgan] interview with Trump: you can pat yourselves on the back for the brilliant interview you didn’t do with the President. Or you can watch the interview, deconstruct it and point out where he’s wrong.

“I chose the 2nd option.”

She then claimed she’s been facing constant criticism “from left and right” for contradicting reasons, with some accusing her of being “too opinionated”, and others of being “too quiet” with regards to Piers.

“Getting hit from left and right,” she wrote. “Criticised for being too opinionated… and too quiet. “Accused of being a snowflake and a c***. Too liberal... too enabling, ‘good-looking, but...’.”

She then added: “My skin just gets thicker by the second. Half my critics think I should leave MY paid employment because THEY take issue with the person sitting next to me.

“The other half think I should leave, BECAUSE I take issue with the person sitting next to me. I’m staying right where I am.”

Last month, Susanna addressed how viewers reacted towards her when Piers Morgan criticised the Women’s March, noting: “It wasn’t women who were criticising me, it was the men. They accused me of enabling his anti-feminist views.

“I had men telling me it was my fault he was saying this and I was just like, I’ve had enough of men telling me how I should be a feminist. I’ve had enough of it.”