Brit woman says the key to good health is NEVER eating a hot meal – having eaten raw, cold food for SEVEN years

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It’s not the most appealing of diets, but an Edinburgh woman says the secret to good health is NEVER eating hot food.

Susan Reynolds, 29, is often mistaken for a teenager because she looks so good for her age – which she insists is down to her raw, cold food diet and not genetics.

The Scottish entrepreneur – who runs her own business teaching people about the benefits of eating raw – only eats uncooked fruit, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, and beans.

But she hasn’t always been this way and used to binge on junk food, including Chinese takeaways and McDonalds, at Edinburgh University.

She soon embarked on a trip to India that changed her life when she was 21.

The pretty Scot returned from the country after six months to train as a yoga teacher and became vegetarian – before choosing the raw food diet.

“The difference I felt in a day was incredible so I’ve done it ever since. I haven’t had a hot meal in seven years,” she said.

The 29-year-old – who could be mistaken for someone half her age – believes her cold, raw food diet is the secret to her good health.

“The benefits include clarity, positivity, health, energy, radiance and the ability to make choices,” she said.

“Other things people have commented on include smelling good, great skin and youthfulness. People say I look good for my age. I’m also emotionally balanced and happy.”

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Susan says she doesn’t get cravings for hot food because it’s just an emotional need that she’s successfully overcome.

“I feel if you sort out the emotional attachment to cooked food you don’t crave it any more,” she told Cascade.

“I focus on a very high liquid diet with lots of green juice, smoothies, soups and ‘elixirs’.”

Her obsession with the raw food diet has also been passed onto her and her boyfriend’s family – and she was responsible for their cold, raw Christmas dinner last year.

“I made a fruits platter for starters — they loved it,” she insisted.

“We had raw mince pies made from nuts seeds and fruits for our sweet. I ate a giant salad with sprouted breads for my main course.”

This is one diet we can’t see ourselves sticking to.

Susan’s typical diet:

5am: Wake up, drink 750mls lemon water.

6:30-8:30: Yoga practice.

10am: A litre of green juice made from blending a whole lettuce, bag of spinach and bunch of herbs.

11am-4pm: Snacks, including whole fruit (figs, mangoes, berries etc.), raw chocolate, green juice, and “superfoods” such as bee pollen, berries etc.

6pm: Large salad and/or green soups, or another raw dish created from fruits and vegetables, soaked nuts and seeds depending on what she feels she needs that day.

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