This Surprisingly Versatile Haircut Is Staging a Comeback, and It's Perfect For Fall

  • Curtain bangs have surged in popularity this year.

  • This type of fringe is parted down the middle and swept to each side.

  • It's the perfect style for anyone looking to try bangs without the full-on commitment.

Bangs are a lot like baking a soufflé: make one wrong move and it can all go south. Curtain bangs, on the other hand? This style, which is split right down the middle and swept to each side, is a little more noncommittal - and just as badass. Now, they're getting a big refresh this year.

"Curtain bangs are making a comeback because of the '70s inspiration in the current fashion scene," said Michael Bowman, a stylist at NYC's Rob Peetoom salon. (Remember the shag trend?) "A more modern twist would be to make the bangs a little shorter and textured in the center, so they can also be worn as a full textured fringe on days you want to change it up. This will also make it easier to grow out when the next trend hits."

The best part is it works on all hair textures - from curly to pin-straight - and on any length to boot. Plus, is there anything more quintessentially fall than a bangs haircut?

Ahead, proof that standing divided can, in rare cases, look pretty damn good.

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