Surfer Anastasia Ashley Hit the Waves in Clever Metallic Monochrome Costume

Anastasia Ashley.<p>Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images</p>
Anastasia Ashley.

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Many of the Halloween costumes we have seen thus far have been exceptionally creative—both well planned and perfectly executed. But there has been none perhaps as fitting as professional surfer Anastasia Ashley’s weekend look. The 36-year-old embraced her passion for her costume this year, incorporating her day job into her night-out look.

In a clever move, she dressed up as the Silver Surfer, a metallic-skinned alien from Marvel Comics who travels through space on his surfboard-inspired vehicle. As a surfer, it was an obvious choice for Ashley, who donned her own silver metallic catsuit, a long silver wig and a spray-painted surfboard.

“Silver surfer coming to save the day🩶 Happy Halloween!” she captioned a short reel that she posted to Instagram featuring the look. In the video, she walked down the beachfront boardwalk and waved to onlookers, who instantly recognized her. “People know what I am,” she remarked with a laugh. She then ran into the ocean with her board under her arm, taking to the waves in her fitting getup.

She certainly went all in on the costume, adopting not only the ’fit, but the persona of the Silver Surfer, too, and took her Halloween look to the waves in style.

Halloween isn’t over yet—it is, after all, the 31st today—but we’re fairly certain that Ashley will make our list of top costumes for the year. If anything, she gets major points for picking a costume so fitting for her personality, and for hitting the waves in her look, too.

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