Superoxide dismutase: The antioxidant you need in your skincare regime

Hundreds of studies show that free radicals play a key role in the ageing process.

Ironically, however, we actually need free radicals for proper immune function. They are naturally produced as a result of cellular reactions, breathing oxygen, and metabolising food. If the formation of free radicals exceeds a healthy concentration, then oxidative stress - an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body - occurs.

Yet, studies show that the powerful enzyme - superoxide dismutase - can intercept these damaging free radicals which, in turn, can counteract ageing processes across the cells in our body.

But how? Sarah Zimmer, founder of sustainable skincare brand NAYA, explains more.

“Antioxidants combine with the free radicals; that's why they’re often referred to as radical scavengers. Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is a potent antioxidant which naturally occurs as an enzyme in almost all the cells across your body,” she shares. “The body can produce the substance in two different ways - with manganese or copper and zinc. If these minerals are not available in sufficient quantities, the body can no longer produce enough. As we get older, our superoxide dismutase levels naturally decrease. Supplements are sometimes recommended to help promote the body's defences thus improving overall inflammation levels.”

So, what does this powerful enzyme actually do to our skin?

“Superoxide dismutase is your first line of defence when it comes to the skin,” Sarah continues. “This radical scavenger helps to protect your skin from environmental and internal stressors such as UV rays, chemicals, and pathogens. As a result, the mighty ingredient helps to improve signs of hyperpigmentation, UV damage, acne, age spots, and wrinkles.”

NAYA has added this powerful ingredient to its latest product - Aura Hydration Essence, which is a combination between a toner and a serum to be used after your cleansing step.

The mighty enzyme is designed to protect the skin whilst providing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to heal and replenish for a brighter, more radiant complexion.