How Super Stylish Has Kate Moss Looked This Week? Answer: VERY

How fitting that Kate Moss was picked to star in the latest Absolutely Fabulous sketch because aye carumba! Have you seen how hot she's been looking lately? Despite having been on Grazia's style radar for what feels like forever (as Patsy points out far less politely in the clip!) the past few weeks have seen the supermodel cementing her status as our lifetime style icon with some seriously cool laid-back looks.

Could it be that married life is agreeing with her? We only ask because during her days of dating Mr Depp - way back in 1997 - she was nailing the opulent waifish look (see-through silver sheath dresses and lots of fur) but was most famed for her 'heroin chic' aesthetic. Then there was a grungey slump era that we're attributing to a certain Mr Doherty (hello omnipresent black jeans and natty waistcoats) but since her 2011 wedding to Jamie Hince (of rock band The Kills), the 38-year-old has been looking the picture of health and happiness. And we like it!

Witness, if you will, the scorching black dress and leather jacket combo she donned as she and Jamie strode out of latest Soho hotspot, Bodega Negra, this week. Or the nautical jacket, cropped jeans and Pretty Ballerinas pumps she sported whilst popping to Oxfam and her local jeweller a few days later. In fact, she and Mr Hince are providing a masterclass in that trickiest of trends: co-ordinated dressing (for an example on how not to embrace this look please refer to anything the Beckhams wore circa 1999, with special attention reserved for the matching leather ensembles).

Also getting our mouths watering were the pastel-pink trews Kate teamed with a black shirt and brown belt (simple but standout) and the candy-stripe shirt she wore whilst strolling about with her mum (do we detect a teensy bit of mother/daughter style symbiosis going on here? How very Kate Middleton!). Wrapping up warm never looked so good as it did when Mossy popped on a mustard poncho to exit Claridge's and we were glad to see a trade mark bohemian blouse (compete with gorge gold trim) make an appearance as she picked up some flowers.

For her 38th birthday in January, we posted a style gallery dedicated to Kate's best looks, but after this latest series of hits, we had to do a little update so treat yourself with the gallery above. Nearly 40 she may be, but with such timeless style, we reckon Ms Moss will always be top of the fashion food chain. Bring on more outfit marvels please!

by Francesca Milton

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