This Super-Simple Trick Revives Wilted Vegetables So You Don’t Have To Chuck Them Away

Anna Lewis
·1-min read

From Delish

There’s nothing worse than checking the fridge only to find a very sad-looking head of broccoli. It’s easily done – it ends up hidden behind a big pot of yoghurt and gets forgotten.

But instead of thinking there’s no hope for this little guy and chucking him in the bin, this super-simple hack will give him a new lease of life!

The trick, which we first saw on TikTok, shows you how to take your broccoli from a flimsy, floppy mess back to its former firm and green glory.

Alesha Ruddenklau, who posts on TikTok as @alesharuddenklau, shared a video which shows her taking her sad broccoli and cutting the bottom off the stem. She then places it in a glass of water like a bunch of flowers, before putting the whole thing in the fridge.

She takes the broccoli out of the fridge a few hours later and it’s as good as new! All that little guy needed was a little drink of water and some looking after.

That also works on me too when I’m feeling a bit flimsy, btw…

The post has been liked over 50k times so far, and a number of people have commented to say how it’s blown their minds.

Plus, a few comments have been made about the fact that this will do the trick on lots of different vegetables.

“Also works for salad, celery, carrots and parsnips.”

What a great way to cut back on food waste!

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