Iceland Is Selling Tubs Of M&Ms Ice Cream And It Looks So Darn Tasty

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Summer is officially over. The temperature is positively Baltic. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited by new ice creams, right? RIGHT?!

There have been some awesome ice cream launches already in 2021, but the one we’re here to talk about today is this M&Ms ice cream, that's been spotted in Iceland.

The chocolate ice cream stuffed full of mini chocolate M&Ms and swirls of chocolate sauce was first spotted by @johns_snackreviews. He found it in his local Iceland.

But wait... there's more! Iceland is also selling tubs of Twix ice cream, which is made up of creamy vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and chocolate biscuit pieces.

Speaking of M&Ms ice creams... a while back, two versions of M&Ms ice creams sticks were spotted in Fram Food stores. The M&Ms ice creams come in two flavours: caramel and strawberry. And it thanks to both @newfoodsuk and @kevssnackreviews that we know about them.

The caramel flavoured version is caramel ice cream swirled with caramel, which is then coated in milk chocolate stuffed with peanut M&Ms. The strawberry version features strawberry ice cream coated in milk chocolate with M&Ms pieces.

If you fancy stocking up, you can currently buy two four-packs of these sweet treats for £4!

As well as these ice creams living rent-free in our heads right now, these Bounty ice cream bars are fighting for space up there too.

The Bounty Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream Bars are available in Iceland stores now for just £3 per multipack of six. But if you really fancy bagging yourself a bargain, they're also available online and you can get two multipacks for the price of one!

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