Sunken ship may solve decades-old mystery

Lying intact at the bottom of the Baltic Sea- Polish divers say they have discovered the wreck of a German World War Two cargo ship which may help solve a decades-old mystery and long lost treasure

- the location of the Amber Room.

Decorated with amber and gold, the Amber room was originally part of Russia's Catherine Palace near St. Petersburg, but was last seen in Konigsberg, the Prussian city which is now known as Kaliningrad.

It was from Konigsberg that the Karlsruhe steamer set sail in 1945 before being sunk by Soviet planes off the coast of Poland.

Divers from the Baltictech group say they have found the wreck of the Karlsruhe.

Diver Tomas Stachura said in a statement that it's filled with military vehicles, porcelain and crates with unknown content- and it could be the most interesting, undiscovered story from the Baltic Sea.

The Amber Room was constructed in Prussia and then given to Tsar Peter the Great of Russia in 1716 as a present.

The Germans dismantled it and took it to Konigsberg during the war where it then disappeared during Allied bombing raids on the city.

Many believe it was destroyed. Russian craftsmen have since constructed a replica Amber Room in the Catherine Palace.