Is summer over? Absolutely not. So, stop saying that it is.

  • People always tell me Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer, but I disagree.

  • The official end of summer isn't until the end of September, but we've be conditioned otherwise.

  • I'm not giving up on summer's simple pleasures just yet.

This Labor Day weekend, my friends and I headed to the Rockaways in New York for a beach day. While I was having a blast, swimming in the water, reading on my beach blanket, and, well, burning in the sun, I noticed my friends were looking a bit solemn.

One said, "This is our last beach day of the year. Don't take it for granted."

I looked at her dumbfounded. My weather app said the rest of the week in New York was going to be 90 degrees. Summer seemed very far from over.

But as a society, we all mutually agreed somewhere that Labor Day weekend marked the end of the summer. It's not, and we need to focus on what's important: We still have a few more weeks of summer.

For starters, summer doesn't officially end until September 23

Here's a bit of science for you: Summer begins on the solstice, which was June 20 this year. Each season is about three months, so that means summer ends in September. More specifically, it ends on the autumn equinox, which is on September 23.

But people tend to ignore that date and think the official end of summer is Labor Day and the rest of September is fall. They couldn't be more wrong, and there's science to prove it.

Sure, the days are getting shorter, and the weather is getting slightly cooler, but there are still some days where the temperature will creep toward the 80s, and that's perfect beach weather. But many of my friends refuse to go to the beach in September because they have shifted out of the summer mindset.

Growing up, Labor Day meant school was starting, but we are adults now

I understand why some people think Labor Day is the end of summer. We have been conditioned since childhood. For most of us, Labor Day Weekend traditionally meant it was back-to-school season. It was quite literally the end of summer because normality returned.

But I'm an adult now, and I choose not to live my life according to an academic calendar — especially since I don't have any children.

Of course, this mentality is a bit more difficult for people with children, but just because your kids are back at school doesn't mean you have to break out the Uggs and order a Pumpkin Spice Latte just yet.

I'm not giving up on my summer vibe

Each summer, I come alive, tapping into a better version of myself. I spend more time outside, I exercise more, I take more day trips out of the city, and I spend more time doing random activities in my neighborhood. I spend most summer weekends in a park, reading a book or sharing a picnic with friends.

I'm not alone in this. Summer brings out the best of us, and I'm not ready to give up summer's simple pleasures just yet.

While most people I know are shifting out of the summer season, I'm not. I am still going to head to the beach if it's warm enough. I'm still going to keep my bathing suit and towel at the ready. And yes, I'm even going to keep wearing white.

So please stop telling me summer is over because I can't hear you over the waves at the beach.

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