The Summer Fruit That Beats Watermelon In The Hydration Game

summer fruits and fruit juices
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Molten summer days call for frequent refreshments. When water just doesn't hit the spot, it's natural to turn to the most refreshing summer fruit in the produce aisle and at the farmers market. Usually, this means opting for the eternally popular watermelon, not only for its delicious flavor but also for its hydrating properties. But there is one summer fruit that far exceeds watermelon when it comes to hydration, and that is the tomato.

Watermelon has an impressive water content of 92%, but the hydration real star of the fruit kingdom's lineup is the tomato, which contains a staggering 94% water content. This makes tomatoes the end-all-be-all in summer fruit hydration. Two medium tomatoes provide the equivalent of approximately 1 full cup of water, and beyond its hydration, the tomato offers many health benefits. These include vitamins A and C, fiber, antioxidants, and more, all in a super low-calorie package. Staying hydrated is essential for overall health and wellness, so when temperatures rise this summer, turn to the trusty tomato.

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Make The Most Of Summer's Hydrating Tomatoes

Gnocchi tomato pasta
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What makes tomatoes stand out as a hyper-hydrating fruit are the inexhaustible (and often brilliant) ways to utilize them. Try crafting a tomato brown butter for all your summer condiment needs using pureed tomatoes, browned butter, and any other spices that may appeal to your palate. Cherry tomatoes make for another delectable way to consume this water-filled produce. Cherry tomatoes dunked in dressings and sauces that you may already have on hand are perhaps the easiest method to enjoy this late-summer harvest. Or if you're looking to don the apron and test your skills, this Tasting Table roundup recommends a number of fabulous recipes utilizing cherry tomatoes, such as bruschetta, baked feta pasta, and fried polenta.

Choosing the right kind of tomato for your summer consumption is, luckily, no daunting task. Utilize this guide to learn about the different kinds of tomatoes you'll find at stores and markets, and how they typically get prepared. Though the real beauty of the tomato (besides its buzzy aesthetic appeal) is that there are so many ways to prepare it across so many cultures, that you can hardly go wrong as you get hydrated.

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